NSHS Theatre Final: Class Acts Project

NSHS Theatre’s DIY Bubble Machine!

We are putting our theatre skills of collaboration, creativity, memorization, projection, tableaux, movement, levels, and showmanship to the test! Picture this: our show starts with everyone offstage. We enter lip singing and dancing to a song. We get into some nifty tableaux. One or two people break out and perform their individual number. We strike another cool tableau. Eventually everyone in our class performs something [sing, dance, or act] and we end with a zippy choreographed number. Bonus: choreographers don’t have to do an individual performance if they so choose. Congrats: you have just performed in a play!

The process

Here’s what you will do.

  • Find something for you to perform either individually or with a partner. Your selection is due by the end of the week.
  • Pick something you really love—think about how your audience will relate to your selection. If you can’t sell it, you will hear crickets or at least squeaky seats in the house.
  • You may perform either a monologue or a duet.
  • You may sing [really sing, not lip sing], dance or act.
  • All performances must be connected to your class theme: 1st period chose Struggle; 2nd, 3rd, & 6th periods chose Love; and 5th period chose Real Life.
  • You may write your own words or select stuff already composed.
  • Sources to consider: song lyrics, poetry, plays, novels, movies—if it’s connected in some obvious way your theme, you can pick it.

How can I get an “A?”

Your performance must be one minute—any less and you only get half points. If you are performing in a duet, you have up to three minutes, but must perform for a minimum of two or you both only receive half points.

  • You must be memorized and really sell this performance.
  • Time your selection: if it’s too long, be sure to cut it because we will stop you AND you will lose points.
  • You will not lose points if you don’t use levels or tableaux, but consider incorporating them if you can as they sure do add spice.
  • Make sure your selection is G—no pole dancing, or drug/alcohol/sexual references onstage.
  • BTW, if you can belt out “Let it Go” in key, go for it. If you can’t sing, don’t. Please don’t let me be a callow fellow and tell you aren’t making the cut. If you can’t hear yourself while singing, you have no business performing onstage. Save it for the shower.

Is this my final?

You betcha. You’ll perform your individual selection twice.

  • The first time you’ll perform onstage like we do every project where you slate, perform, and assess via a rubric.
  • The second time you will perform your part as part of our Class Acts during the two-hour senior finals, Monday April 19th and Tuesday, April 20th.
  • There is no slating during our class show.
  • Every class member will be onstage for the entire show performing tableaux while the solo/duet performers are doing their things.
  • We will have an audience for your class acts.
  • You are welcome to invite your family to watch you perform.
  • There is no makeup for this final and you will most likely fail the class if you don’t perform. An excused absence from your parents is still an absence.

Our schedule

We will work on our opening and closing numbers three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Wear clothes you can move in—heels and short skirts won’t allow a full range of movement, so plan ahead. Mondays and Fridays you will work on your individual pieces. Those aren’t times to work on memorizing and you must have your script with you at all times.

Due dates

  • Individual selection: April 25th
  • Solo/Duet performances: May 8th
  • Opening number choreographed by May 1st
  • Closing number choreographed by May 14th
  • Technical/Dress rehearsals: May 15th – 16th
  • Seniors turn in graded notebook Friday, May 16th
    • Sorry seniors, no class time for grading notebooks this time…
    • Underclassmen turn in graded notebook during our actual finals period
  • Perform Class Acts during senior finals May 19th & 20th
  • May web comments for seniors due May 20th
  • May web comments for underclassmen due May 28th
  • Reflection/review of a live performance: May 21st
    • Questions are here
    • No review, you receive an incomplete

So tell us!

What do you wish to perform for your final? Will you sing? How about some dancing? Going solo? Fancy a monologue? Perhaps you are going to be a playwright? Give us the skinny on what you plan to perform for your Class Acts!



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  1. I’m planning to recite a poem about love.

  2. For the final project I’m decided to dance with my partner Renz. The title of our song is “Tell my Why” by BackStreetBoys.

  3. For the final project I plan on going solo. I was able to gather the artist lyrics and put them into a poem that relates to our class theme struggle.

  4. Since either of us can dance nor sing, Me and my partner will be reciting a poem, a really long poem, that I’m scared I won’t remember. It relates to real life and can happen to anybody. Wish us luck!

  5. Since I’ve came back from being away, I’ve really been enjoying school and especially my theatre class. I wasn’t so cheerful about it at first but I’ve come to love it. It allows you to become creative in ways you didn’t know. 🙂

  6. I like how all of us are in unison, during our intro song and have all our parts down. It took some work to get it down but we got it ! 🙂

  7. For our individual parts, I’m going to recite ‘Whatif’ a poem by Shel Silverson.

  8. For the final project, my partner and I are planning to do an act about how we love to dance.

  9. I’m planning to recite a poem about our theme real life with my partner.

  10. I plan on reciting a poem.

  11. I am going to do sort of an improv with a partner. We are going to be brothers arguing about something. Haven’t figured out about what though.

  12. I plan to do my performance, which is dancing, with a partner. The music should be hip hop or R&B since I can work with those the best.

  13. I am going to sing the song “story of love” its a song about how love is real struggle but thats what makes it beautiful.

  14. I plan to show a ton of funny pictures of everyday life struggles. I know people like to see funny pictures so I believe people will not enjoy it.

  15. For my performance I’m thinking about doing either a solo of a dance with a song that has to do with my passion for hula dancing..or an act with Teresa about how we love to run

  16. For the final because our class theme is love I will recite a poem with one of my classmates.

  17. I plan to act out a scene, maybe using lyrics or a poem. It is hard to decide when you are not creative.

  18. I’m planning to act about the struggle to get Better grades.

  19. I plan to act out a scene with a partner for our individual piece.

  20. For our class act my partner and I aren’t quite sure what we will be performing but we might perform a short dance routine. If we choose to dance, then it will be to “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart” by Alicia Keys. I’m sure we will have decided what to perform within the next two days.

  21. I am planning on doing a dancing duet with Jennifer because we work well together and we think we can come up with an interesting dance to perform.

  22. I will be doing a duet with my best friend . Most likely we will come up with some dance moves. We want to dance to some type of old songs and we already have some in mind.

  23. Weirdly I’m a choreographer with Roslyn in my class, it’s fun to get the class moving and showing them a small dance that they will all be graded on. I would do an individual performance, but maybe I’ll just sit back and relax for this last time.

  24. Our class theme is love. I plan on reciting a love poem with one of my classmates. We haven’t decided if the poem will be about good love or bad love or maybe both. Also, we’ll cooperate some movement with our final.

  25. I plan to do a dialogue about love with viviana. I hope it goes very well and we have gotten part of our work done.

  26. I plan to do some acting with a classmate, I think it will go really well and it will take some work but we are ready

    • I plan to act a love scene , a love scene that involves the search for the perfect girl and a scene that describes what i would give up for her.

  27. For my performance I plan on doing a duet with David and we want to act something out in relation to football

  28. For the final, since our theme is lovec I’m going to dance solo to two different songs that has love in it. I’m a little nervous but I’m still practicing every day hoping I get it perfected in time for the show!

  29. Our theme is love in this case a bromance. Justyn and I plan on doing a scene based on a journey after high school, college, and then meeting up later in life. It’s going to be funny.

  30. Thinking about reciting a poem in the topic of real life, I am still unsure but I’ll figure it out by the due date.

  31. I plan on reciting or acting something with a Dee! I think this project is going to consist of a lot of hard work and dedication!

  32. I plan to recite a poem relating with our topic of Love. I am going to write the poem myself and I hope when I’m done, everyone will know the true meaning of love.

  33. I plan on doing a duet with someone and dancing for our final project.Also plan a acting scene that has to do with love.

  34. I don’t really have a solid idea on what I’ll be performing, but I think I may pair up with someone else in the class. As of now, acting seems like my best bet.

  35. For our class act, I plan to do a duet with a partner and recite something.

  36. I plan to recite a poem, I might write myself, on our class topic of love.

  37. For the final project I plan to do a duet with a partner. If we sing I plan of lip syncing or maybe make up my own lyrics.

  38. I plan to work with one of my classmates. We will either act out a scene that relates to love. Or recite a poem or lyrics to a love song. We have not decided whether to focus on the positive or negative perspective of love.

  39. I plan to help choreograph the opening and closing numbers, and might also be performing a monologue.

  40. I plan on doing a duet with one of my classmates, and possibly some dancing with the theme that deals with struggling in life.

  41. My partner and I might sing a song about love or do a scene on how friends can overcome loving the same girl.

  42. For the final project I plan to read a poem with a partner. I also want to do a short dance routine so it can be interesting for the audience.

  43. I am going to rap with a partner, we are going to perform a song that deals with life struggles and overcoming life challenges. So both positive and negative point of views.

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