Class Acts is Culmination of Theatre Skills

Right now, we are in the blood and guts part of our Class Acts rehearsal process. Virtually every class has their opening number choreographed. Most classes need to memorize the lyrics as we spent tons of our time learning the dance moves. The lyrics will come, I am confident.

We have a rubric and handout that describes our Class Acts, which serves as culminating final. Here’s the rundown of how we plan to perform our shows:

  • Lip Synched Opening Number
  • Tableau Team Individual Performances
  • Company Number

Each solo or duet will work in a tableau team. When your team is performing, you will move down center. You will need tableaux & transitions for each performer in your tableau team. The other groups will be onstage in an easy-to-hold tableau. Once each team has performed, we will end with a company number you won’t have to lip synch to, but will move to.

This project is hard, no doubt about it. Plus add the fact that we will have a real audience [not just nicely trained theatre students from our own classes] and it’s a recipe for anxiety. But you all have these essential theatre skills. You have been working on this since day one and your performances will be stunning if you continue to show up, do your work, and honor the rehearsal process.

So tell us

What advice do you have for someone who is nervous to perform during this final? What should they do to be prepared for our Class Acts?


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  1. Some advice I would give to someone nervous is to practice in a big group of friends. Being nervous means you want to do good.

  2. My advice to future performers is to not let your nerves get to you. Of course the thought is scary, but once you step on that stage a see everyone else doing it you’ll be motivated to do your best!

  3. What can you do to ease your class act? You can practice and rehearse over and over until you get your act down. Practice your dance moves like the opening lines. You also should get used to being watched by your fellow classmates because you will perform in front of a real live audience.

  4. You should not be nervous in performing this final because you should be prepared since all of your hard work has come down to this. Make sure you are ready and always do your best. Ignore the scary audience and do it for yourself.

  5. My advice would be to stay calm and have fun. Try not to think about messing up cause if you think about it to much you will.

  6. To be prepared you must be calm and be yourself. Everything will come natural.

  7. Tips for students who are nervous doing this final: Breathe. It’s going to be okay! If you’re nervous, then that’s a good sign. Just free your mind and think of happy things, like puppies and rainbows. It’s best to go over your lines a little before the show and rehearse your moves for the opening and closing numbers!

  8. If someone is nervous to perform in a class act. That’s good. I was always told if you’re nervous that’s a good thing because if you’re nervous that means you want to do well.

  9. My advise would be to rehearse as much as you can and to not slack off and memorize all your lines.

  10. For some one who is nervous all you need to do is just practice your act and don’t worry about what other people say. Most of the audience doesn’t have the nerves to go onstage so stay positive and smile.

  11. My advice would be rehearse as much as possible and be calm. Keep on telling yourself you are going to do great and just believe. Also ask your friends to watch your performance and ask them to critic you and tell you what you need help on. If you are comfortable around them , you will do great when it’s showtime!

  12. My advice would be to make sure you know your performance perfectly well. Practice it daily and memorize it because if you know what you are doing then all you have to do is go up there and show it off. The good thing is that you can’t see anybody faces at all since it’s so dark in the house. It almost seems like your all alone. Remember to just take a deep breath and go for it. It’s better than going up there and not knowing what you are doing, then that would be embarrassing, so just prepare well and you will do great.

  13. My advice to anyone that’s nervous to perform during finals is, DONT BE! Everything is going to be ok. Maybe do some breathing exercises back stage, that always helped me. Once you’re on stage you’ll feel like a natural. Being nervous before a show is so normal!

  14. My advice for someone who might get anxious about performing would probably be, “Just imagine the show as a rehearsal.” I think that by doing just that and relying on their hard work in rehearsals, they would be just fine.

  15. I would tell people to practice in front of a mirror to see how you look while performing, and with family members then in a group of friends to get comfortable performing in front of people. after that its just being relaxed and having your part memorized.

  16. My advice for someone who is nervous is to take a deep breathe and relax. Try to have fun with the act because if you’re nervous it will have an effect on your performance. To prepare for the class act, you should practice your part until you know it without having to think about what’s next.

  17. My advice would be to just keep practicing your act until you know it by heart. Practice it so much that if your mind goes blank on stage, your body will still know what to do and you’ll be fine.

  18. Our class acts are tomorrow and to be honest I’m nervous(I’m sure others are too). What I recommend other people to do is rehearse by themselves and make sure they know their lines. If you mess up while performing don’t freak out, just play it off as if you didn’t make a mistake. No one will know.

  19. My advice would be to make sure you know your parts and just relax afterwards. If you stress over something for too long, you might end up making more mistakes. Also, you will probably see familiar faces during your performance, so you shouldn’t be so nervous.

  20. Advice that could help someone that is nervous is too imagine that there is no one in the audience and that it is just yourself and your partner (if you have one) just performing your last rehearsal.

  21. The advice that I would recommend would be to rehearse and perform to a small crowd or group of close friends. Make sure you know all of your lines and make sure your partner does to if you have one.

  22. For someone who is nervous about performing its okay nervousness only means you want to do really well. Just practice until you feel comfortable and try not looking at the audiences faces but above their heads.

    • That’s really great advice. It justifies the butterflies that many people get in their stomach before performing, but by looking at the heads of the audience, they can avoid eye contact but still maintain some audience participation.

  23. My advice to someone that is nervous to perfrom for this final is to practice, practice, practice. You want to be able to perform what ever you are doing in front of others so ask your friends to watch your performance and tell them to watch the things you need help on. The more you become comfortable performing you will get less nervous for your final.

  24. Some advice for somebody who is neverous about performing for the final is breath, relax, and know your part. If you know your part you shouldnt have anything to worry about! (:

  25. My favorite part of the performance is when we do the electric slide. I think we all do it in unison and it looks very nice. The most difficult part was working in our tableaux groups and our individual performance

  26. I think an effective advice I would give to someone who is nervous, is to just enjoy it. I myself get very nervous! What I do is pretend nobody is watching me and try to avoid direct eye contact with the audience. This always helps.

  27. My advice to someone who is nervous about performing is to rehearse and rehearse some more! If you have your act down, it will take away some of the nervousness. Don’t forget your tableaux team is on stage with you!

  28. My advice for someone that is nervous to perform would be to relax and to try performing in front of others before the final day to get comfortable. The best thing to do to be prepared is rehearse your lines daily.

  29. The best advice is to NOT slack off and maintain focus! We have been up on stage multiple times throughout the year and I believe that it shouldnt be a hard task to do!

  30. Some advice I’d give to someone would be not to over think the whole thing and to just try your best to enjoy yourself while performing.

  31. My advice for students who are nervous to perform this final is to just stay relaxed and to feel confident about what they are doing. To be prepared for this you must rehearse a lot and know your parts very good.

  32. My advice for someone performing this final would be to not look at it as such a big deal. Just relax and do what you know your capable of we’ve been in class all year learning how to handle this!

  33. If you’re nervous about performing just try to think that they are your usual theatre peers that you’re used to and feel comfortable around. To be prepared for the class acts, you should rehearse your lines if you’re acting, singing, or reciting a poem. If are dancing you should rehearse your dance moves with your partner.

  34. If you are nervous to perform just breathe and say to yourself it will be over in less than 2 minutes and just get it over with. To prepare I suggest you rehearse as much possible so you feel confident when it comes down to the show.

  35. My advice for someone who is nervous is to not think of it as a final, but just as one of our normal performances. I would also tell them to rehearse lots even if they already memorize their performance just so they will be confident and ready.

  36. If you’re nervous about performing, just keep practicing in front of a friend or a couple of your friends. The more you do it, the more people you add to perform in front of, the more you’ll get use to doing it on stage in front of a crowd.

  37. If someone is nervous for the final I would tell them that everything will be okay. Eventually in life everyone will have to “preform” infront of a group. Just rehearse your stuff and make sure you know what you are doing.

  38. My advice for someone who is nervous about performing is to keep in mind that everyone else is performing and nobody is going to make fun of you even if you mess up. Just take a deep breath, memorize your lines or dance moves and you’ll be fine.

  39. For someone who is nervous before their final should just run through their lines or what ever their selection is and just move around to get the “gitters” out to overcome the fear of stage fright. Also taking deep breaths to slow down your talking.

  40. My advice to someone who is nervous to perform during this final is to not worry about it and just rehearse so you do great. Practice so you know the piece well and make sure you are prepared. Before you present take a deep breath because everything is going to be fine and just have fun on stage!

  41. My advice for someone who is nervous to perform the final is just to relax, you’ve got this in the bag. Don’t think about it too much, just have fun and enjoy yourself on stage. It’ll come naturally, don’t over think it!

  42. What I like to think is that there is no reason to be nervous because it’s going to come up eventually and you’re going to have to perform anyway and that later it’ll just be in past after you’ve done it and there was really no reason to be nervous at all. We’ve also been performing all year long and we were nervous for some of our performances but they still happened and you’re most likely already forgot about it. So just perform calmly and make sure you don’t mess up.

  43. Being nervous means you actually care about your performance and when you cre about your performance you do good

  44. My advice for someone that is nervous to perform for this final would be to relax. They shouldnt be as nervous because we’ve been performing all year, we should be used to being looked at. If not, just remember most of these people are friends, so relax. For the performance, just make sure you know what you’re doing and can do it perfectly.

  45. Try not to think so hard about performing your final! Take a deep breath and you’ll do fine. Just remember to relax and have fun with it!

  46. For someone who is nervous about performing, they must remember to keep on mind that most people in the audience aren’t even paying attention and are off in their own little world.

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