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Theme: a subject or topic of discourse or of artistic representation <guilt and punishment is the theme of the story>  a specific and distinctive quality, characteristic, or concern <the campaign has lacked a theme>

Below are some pix we have been snapping all year. What themes come to mind as you review them? Now, I’m not looking for a “right answer,” here,  just some lessons or themes that come to mind when you view it.

For your comment, select one photo, write the number and what the theme of the photo could be. Really sell it. There are multiple ways to view each photo–you won’t be wrong if you can do a good job defending it.

Still stumped? How might the images relate to the skills we learn in theatre?

Use your best Englishy-type grammar and spelling, please. Don’t write a novel; 2 – 3 sentences should do nicely.

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  1. Image #3 shows the theme of procrastination. Everyone procrastinates to some degree, even those who you would normally think don’t, like engineers.

  2. Image #4 represents the process of brainstorming. This process allows for a person to write down all their thoughts and then organize them into their solution.

  3. Image 4 represents a great examples of brainstorming. Brain storming is a very powerful step in producing something. To brain storm you need to put any possible ideas out there, it will later lead to the real solution.

  4. Image number 5 totally sold it. Alexis did a great job on making it very clear on the theme. This is a great example of how theatre is here at north high.

  5. The theme for picture #2 is being bored with friends. I know thats the theme because I drew it.

  6. I think that the third image describes how we all struggle to get our work done when procrastination comes in to play.

  7. What comes to my mind when I see the pictures is the theme of life. I see thing because in life you go through a lot of different things. Once you are done with one part of life, you move to the next.

  8. I think image #2 can be a theme of an art. For example, someone could have drawn the picture because they’re really fond of their friends or wish they had friends like that. It could also be a theme of friendship and how it’s essential for high school.

  9. I like image 3 because it shows that you need to be dedicated and hard working.

  10. Image number 5’s theme was newspaper/duck-tape prom dress. That theme project showed us how the fashion industry is with much effort needed on a short amount of time working on a design.

  11. All of these topics relate to theatre and all things that we go threw in life. Looking at the pics it shows that we learned a lot this year: dancing, acting, putting on make up, and sharing/collaborating with each other. It’s these type of skills that probably will help us later in life.

  12. I think image 3 represents characteristics. We all have different characteristics that make us who we are. Some are outgoing, some are friendly, and some are even cranky.

  13. I think picture #3 can be a theme of hard work. Because you have to be willing to work hard and have the drive to be an engineer.

  14. The theme for image number 5 that pops into my mind is fashion. I look at fashion as a way of art. When we had to do this project for class the dress was actually much harder to do and design than it looked like, so they did an amazing job with this one and I’m glad to see a boy model it.

  15. A theme I noticed in theatre is creativity. Everyone expresses them self in many ways, And this class really let’s you show what you like and are capable of doing.

  16. Image #3 can relate to our present generation. A lot of people in our generation leave things until the last minute but a lot of the last minute work they do might be their best work.

  17. Image #4 shows the collaborative skills that are important for all actors working in an ensemble. The list of ideas on the board represent the collective work of the entire class working together to contribute to a larger work.

  18. Image #4 can represent the theme student. I think this because I as a student always take notes like that; especially when I brainstorm. I have also seen some college students with white boards and they just write any notes on it.

  19. For image #5, I think the theme could be creativity. Most people don’t consider newspaper a material that can be used to create a dress. So, I think that the picture shows that with creativity and perseverance you can turn something ordinary and simple into something extraordinary.

  20. I think picture 3 can repersent daily struggle, because many people in the world are procrastinators. And tend to do things last minute and are still able to produce good work.

  21. Image #2 could be a theme of a group of close friends hanging out and thinking back on the good times they have had because they are going to graduate from high school. From their past experiences, they learn the meaning of hard work and friendship.

  22. i think image five could be a theme of individuality. Being comfortable in their own skin with anything.

  23. The theme for image #5 could be peace. Alexis looks like he is participating in a pageant so this makes me think of the movie Miss Congeniality, when the girls announce that they are looking for world peace.

  24. Image #2 the theme could be about friendship. The reason that being is that they are very close to eachother and not spread out. You can also tell that they are very comfortable with eachother and familiar with ones self.

  25. For picture number two, the theme could be a few things like friendship, family, and or creativity. It could be family becasue it looks like three brothers, then friendship because they are hanging out and creativity because its a good piece of art. (:

  26. I think picture #5 reflects specific techniques we’ve learned through out the year. It shows team work and creativity that theatre consists of.

  27. Image #2’s theme could be bromance! They look like they may be the type of friends to always be together!

  28. For Image 4 the theme would be themes! Not only simple themes, but themes that we experience or see everyday. Those are all in our sorroundings and we don’t take notice of it!

  29. The theme I’m picking up from image #3 is to have fun with what you will do in life. Even though your job or occupation may seem difficult or stressful you still have to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.

  30. I think image #5 can be themed as fantasy. Maybe Alexis wants to really be a prom queen so he is fantasizing about it in the dress.

  31. Image 5 looks like the theme would be character. This picture shows that in theatre class you will learn how to feel comfortable and confident when performing on stage. It is important to try and get out of your comfort zone in order to perform

  32. Image #4 is my favorite because it comes to show all the different themes that our classes have thought about. Also, most of the ideas for our class acts on the board are things that we have experience doing all year in theatre. The themes on the board have built character and have also built character on stage.

  33. I think image #5 could be a theme of prom or homecoming. Prom makes everyone feel excited, even the boys. 🙂

  34. I think that image #5 would be a good theme because Alexis totally sells the dress and it was fun watching it be made. It would also be cool for those who are in to arts and crafts fashion gives a thought that you can use any papernor material to make an outfit or dress.

  35. For picture number two, the theme for it could be friendship because of the way they are drawn. They are drawn with familiarity and with a comfortable fondness for each other.

  36. I think image #2 could be a theme of imagination or inspiration. When you’re drawing your mind opens up to all the details and creative touches that go into a drawing.

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