Class Acts a Huge Success!

IMG_0079We pulled it off! We did five shows in two days to real live audiences. All the classes did powerful work; each class had a different feel. One student asked, “Which one was the best, Rillingale?” It was no lie when I said, “Each one was different.” Second period was all about dancing. Third period was all about acting. First period used humor. Fifth period had strong opening and closing numbers. Sixth period had a rocking audience that clapped after every performance. We debriefed more on Tuesday than on Monday, but the consensus was that the show was a good experience and really served to showcase a year’s worth of work. That said, I know what I have to do differently next year, thanks to your suggestions:

  1. Start earlier. Like the end of second quarter. [I can’t start too early, or folks will drop the class!!]
  2. Have check-ins throughout the year.
  3. Have complete dress rehearsals so we aren’t just rehearsing cue to cue with lights and sound.
  4. Allow lip syncs. The jury’s still out on this, but I can see the merits.

Watch ’em!

While I always vow to put our performances on Youtube, I REALLY promise this time since we are wireless and can upload stuff quickly. By the time you seniors are snoozing on the way home from visiting the Mouse, our performances will be uploaded. I filmed everything on my iPhone 5s–still working on making things look good, sorry for the bad sound and maybe a few cut off heads. Remember, filming is for archival purposes only…

Period 1 performance is here.

Period 2 performance is here.

Period 5 performance is here. 

And a special thanks to Ms. Zenk and Ms. Medina who escorted their PE classes to be our audiences. We really appreciated having the energy of all your students in the house.

Tell us!

So what did I forget? What other suggestions do you have for next year’s Class Acts? If you have no suggestions, tell us what you liked about performing in it!

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  1. I think we should have more Creativity put into our open and closing numbers. As for preforming I liked to work with a partner and put emotions into a poem

  2. I think we should’ve had more rehearsals and time to practice. Also, we could’ve had more full run throughs.

  3. I think we need to run through the performance multiple times before the day of the performance. Also, I think we should be able to choose our tableux groups based on what we are performing.

  4. What I liked about this performance was that everyone was into it. Then how everyone worked as a team on stage.Next how everyone stepped up and remember their words and steps. I really enjoyed working with everyone unlike other classes don’t really work as a team and try new things. Finally at the end we realize all what we have accomplish and the things we never thought we’ll be able to do changes us & surprises that we can do it it’s just we’re sometimes to scare to try.

  5. I think we should’ve have had a rehearsal to go through the entire performance the week before to work on transitions of each individual performance.

  6. The class acts performance was very fun and nerve wracking to do. If I could do it again, I would. It was great to actually perform in front of a live audience.

  7. I really liked performing because it was with the whole class, and that helped end the year on a good note! Thinking about the performance, everyone did great and the crowd was awesome!

  8. A suggestion I have for next year’s Class Acts is to use your time very wisely and rehearse as much as you can. What I liked about performing in it was that it was student choreographed and the lights were so fun to use!

  9. I think we should have just a little more time to rehearse. It would help to also have a dress rehearsal so we can be fully prepared to put the show on.

  10. Maybe have a document that can get someone who was absent up to speed on whats going on if they missed some of the dress rehearsals. Or just have more dress rehearsals so that people are less likely to miss them.

  11. This was a really great experience especially for those performing for the first time in front of a live audience. A suggestion would be to begin the project earlier because a bit more practice would have allowed the class to be more in sync while performing.

  12. I thought the shows were great everyone did a great job even tough each class had different themes. I was really nervous at first but as the show went on I knew I has going to do good. My favorite part of the show was when we did the black out.

  13. I think that we should have had more dress rehearsals. It was very nerve racking on stage. I wish I would have rehearsed my individual peice with my group of friends though. I did like the experience and never want to do it again. I think I might miss theater after I graduate… maybe just the people more than the performing.

  14. I believe everything was set up great. We just need a whole run through a few more times(dress rehersal)

  15. I liked performing for our final because I got to feel how it was to be on stage in front of an actual crowd. Also the individual acts were good as well as the opening and closing acts.

  16. The class acts were exciting and interesting at same time. I real, y enojed this project over all I just wish we had mkre time to practice other than that it was awesome!

  17. What I liked about performing was getting rid of stage fright. I’ve never performed in front of live audience.It was a really fun experience!

  18. What I liked about the class performance was that there was a variety of things we could chose from. Also it was a very easy topic to find a dance or poem to. I would have to say my favorite part was when we had all the lights off and we used the finger lights.

  19. The only thing i would suggest you change is the amount of time we had. We also should have rehearsed more as a whole class but other than that it was really fun and its something i could cross out my bucket list.

  20. The class act was so much fun everyone did such a great job learning and doing the moves to the opening song! The individual and duet performance were really sad but loved how their was a lot of dancing in our class. Hope to see next years class act.

  21. I really enjoyed this project! I got to see two other classes perform beside mine. I was amazed at the talent I saw and a lot of people who preformed shocked me because I didn’t know how talented they were. Chris and Nicole’s dance was so amazing! I enjoyed choreographing and doing tech for 5th period. It was scary, but Rodrigo and I did a better job than we ever imagined!

  22. Our class acts i think was good everyone knew their roles and executed them great !

  23. It was fun to perform in the class acts even though I was really nervous. A suggestion I would have is to let the groups be bigger because there could have been a lot more variety of acts.

  24. The class acts were awesome it made me want to perform in front of another class. Next year I suggest that the ending last longer it ended to fast.

  25. My suggestion for next year students is to take their time wisely and to get more time to rehearse during class from Mrs.rillingale.

  26. What I liked the most about performing in the class acts was the feeling of being nervous and wanting to do well. Something I didn’t like was seeing all the people in the audience but that comes with performing, doesn’t it.

  27. I think you should allow the groups for this project to be bigger. And too allow the themes to be things such as Disney or other well now topics.

  28. You should let students pick there groups, and working with friends will create better performances

  29. What I liked about the performance was the feeling of being in a school play. The audience even made it that much better. I was nervous at first but then I overcame it and had a good time in the show. My favorite part was my act, and also the ending dance.

  30. I liked performing in the class act because we prepared so much for it. I also loved the opening dance, it was really fun to do and perform! Also, a suggestion for next year is to get the students to decide what they’re going to do for their individual and have them start it right away.

  31. What I liked about the class acts was it was my first time performing and acting in a theater and it was a little nerv racking but it ended up being really fun

  32. What I enjoyed about doing the class act was using the lights for King when he did his dance.

  33. For next year I suggest you tell them at least a quarter in advance and check in every 2 weeks to see what they have planned already. Time is the key!!

  34. The class acts were amazing everyone did great and each show was totally different from the other. The opening and closing were cool and fun. The individual performances were surprising and interesting. I’m going to miss theatre all the things I’ve learned this year, and doing tech

    • Performing was honestly very suspenseful. However, I suggest that for next school year they get informed about the suspense of being in the spotlight. I also think we should of received more time to practice and run from opening to closing.

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