First Day of School!

IMG_0918Dear Theatre Student:

Welcome to your first day of school! My name is Ms. Rillingale and I am your Theatre teacher, or will be after I return from surgery. Last week I was diagnosed with cancer again, <sigh> so I am gearing up for surgery on Friday. Assuming all goes well, I will return in approximately six weeks.

I am writing this letter to encourage you to stick around—don’t drop this class. Because here’s our plan for the year:

This past summer I started work on another Masters Degree in Technical Theatre Design and Production. My first one is in directing. I love learning about theatre because theatre is all about doing stuff with other interesting people. Theatre artists collaborate to create an exciting production for an audience to enjoy.

So be nice to our sub—he’s a rock star in his own right—and will teach you about films and music and history as it pertains to theatre. Please be pleasant to one another, follow his instructions, and do the work.

BTW, all my students answer anonymous questionnaires and reviews of the class and most have enjoyed their experiences here in theatre.

Got a burning question about what we really do in class? Need audition material? Want to know what shows we are doing here at NSHS this year? Wondering about the Talent Show?

And finally: Go see some theatre this fall. The Salinas area is rich in professional regional theatre at a decent price [especially if you’re a student!].

Please save your ticket or your program and there will be some extra credit when I come back.

Wish me luck and see you soon!

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