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Face it, you will be taking more and more classes online and be expected to know your stuff when you answer an instructor’s question. This answer must (a) purposely address the question and (b) sound smart. You won’t go away with a quicky Snapchat answer as it stays there forever and will require more from you than merely clicking a thumbs-up like button.

Starting in November, you must post four comments (@ least two sentences) each month.  But before we get to the content, let’s make sure you know the process of getting your comment posted to a blog.

1. Find the icon
Most comment icons are at the top of the article under the title and to the right of the date it was published. Ours will look like this:

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2. Read & write

Typically, bloggers post a question at the end of their article, but you will want to actually read the thing as it will help you answer the question. You will need to write two sentences. Remember your audience etiquette and comment properly, yet fully. The example below is merely the beginning of a two-sentence response and was edited for space. We can excuse one typo/spelling error, but any more and your comment won’t be approved. If you are pronto promo prone to making typos, write it out first in a notes app prior to posting.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.12.59 AM

3. Who are you?

You need to sign in as your first name and first letter of your last name and period number: BillyWperiod1 or SallyBperiod6 or AdrianSperiod3. You must follow this formula of writing your first name, initial of last name, period/class number dash & year or you can’t get credit. See below. The best thing is that if you use the same electronic device to write your comments, it will remember who you are. Isn’t technology grand?

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.17.54 AM

4. Email notifications

If you click on “notify me of new posts via email,” you will always know when there’s a new article to post your comment. And no spam mail from me, pinky promise!

5. Proof & post

Click on “Post Comment” and you are done! Your comment will be approved ASAP.

Get started now!

There’s no need to wait until the end of September to start posting your comments. Typically there are two posts a week, so there should be plenty from which to choose. Don’t wait until the last minute, though, as comments close 20 days after they are published. I will be sure to remind you when a new article is published, but if you click on “notify me of new posts via email,” you will know all the more quickly!

Also, if you find any typos, for heaven’s sakes, please let me know! The first one to notify me receives one theatre hour. Error only count generated from We won’t give credit for finding student typos!

 So: leave us your spin by clicking on the little comment icon at the top and answer this question:

What is an example of collaboration you have seen or experienced personally in school NOT in our Theatre Arts class?

Because we are an educational-type website, all comments must be approved, so be sure to mind your theatre etiquette.

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  1. An example of collaboration was when my soccer teammates came together as one, when we finally realized we depended on one another to defeat the undefeated. At the end, we ended up beating them 3-1 with an awesome assist by me. 🙂

  2. An example of collaboration I have experienced in school besides in theatre class is in Spanish class we have to do projects on the corm books about whatever subject the teacher provides and we are in a group of 3 so we all share ideas and pick one.

  3. One example of collaboration I have experienced personally is everytime I play a 5v5 game of basketball. Every person has a specific job like a center is supposed to get rebounds and defend the basket inside the paint so that the point guard can find any open man and set screens to get an easy basket.

  4. One example of a moment of collaboration I have experienced was in my Japanese class. My partner worked on video editing, while I worked on where we were going to film.

  5. An example of collaboration I have experienced was when I worked with my friends to do a big project for Biology

  6. Personally I have experienced many examples of collaboration out of my theatre classroom environment. One example of out of class collaboration I have seen was when me and my friends collaborated in order to schedule a soccer game with pizza afterwards after the school day had ended.

  7. An example of collaboration that I’ve seen or experienced in school is in my daily classes my classmates help me or I help them when we are having trouble with something and we work togethar to get an answer

  8. One example I have experienced personally in school was when my basketball coach wanted to make sure that as a team we trusted each other and communicated well. We were put in partners and one person in each group was blind-folded and the other person in the group had to guide the blind person throughout campus. This exercise taught us to communicate well with our partner and that we could trust them.

  9. An example of collaboration I have experienced personally in school is collaborating in volleyball. We collaborate by calling out the ball saying “mine mine mine.” Also by working as a team to win and encouraging each other.

  10. An example of collaboration i have seen outside of my theater class is when i rebuilt a motor for my r.o.p class. We worked as a team of 3 to finish the engine faster.

  11. One example of collaboration I’ve experienced is when me and my partner Abraham had missed school and we needed to communicate with eachother in order to finish and we worked together

  12. One example of collaboration that I experience everyday during the fall season is football. Everyday, we work and communicate with each other to become one as a team.

  13. One experience i had with collaboration in schol was when i had a big project due and i had to talk with my group and figure out what my group and i was going to do .so we decided to make a film and we were so satisfied with the film we put it in the hight school film festiville.

  14. In my opinion collaboration is everywhere . For example in most of my classes we have to do group work such as projects and presentations. I work with my group by deciding who is saying what and we all make sure we understand everything fully.

  15. One form of collaboration I have seen are volunteers and the animals at the SPCA. They volunteers work together to clean up, play, and manage the animals throughout the facility and display a firm dedication to them.

  16. A personal experience of collaboration I have had occured in my history class. My partner and I had to work together by choosing colors and making sentences to finish our project.

  17. One form of collaboration that i have personally seen is from sports. Sports are always working together to perfect plays or techniques.

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