Theatre Attendance Reflection

12746464545_71fe6f7492_zThis past weekend, my daughter and I attended two plays at our local high schools: The Women of Lockerbie at Salinas High School and An Evening of Student Directed Shows at Everett Alverez High School. I was pleased to see my own students at both performances, clearly enjoying their evenings.

On the way home, my daughter and I chatted about each production:

  • What did you think about the set?
  • What was your favorite costume?
  • Could you hear everyone?
  • How was the audience etiquette?
  • Did you understand the plays?

While my daughter doesn’t have to write a reflection, students in the NSHS Theatre Arts classes sure do. Here’s the process:

  1. See a show: any show that is a theatrical performance but concerts or sporting events don’t count.
  2. Save your program or your ticket.
  3. Pull out your questions and write the answers in complete sentences. It’s on page 22 in your notebook or find it here.
  4. Remember to write two sentences for each question and you only need to answer 10 questions.
  5. Attach your ticket or program.
  6. Turn it in ASAP.

Remember: no review for the semester = Incomplete grade…

If you are a performer in a play you still have to write your reflection. Be sure to save your program and highlight your name!

Click on that comment icon at the top and answer this question:

What was the most recent play you have seen and how was the audience etiquette? 

Because we are an educational-type website, all comments must be approved, so be sure to mind your theatre etiquette.

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  1. The last play I have seen was Cirque de solei during my trip to Las Vegas. It was a wonderful show and I liked all of the dancers in the play

  2. The most recent play I’ve seen has been fury with brad pit. And the audience etiquette was really good although the room was full Everyone was quite watching and movie and their were no kids! #yesss

  3. I actually participated in the last play I saw. It was a church play and it came out good. However, audience etiquette wasn’t that great only because children were not staying still and were rather chatty. In the end,though, I had fun participating and watching the last couple of scenes in the play.

  4. The last play I’ve seen is Bang Bang your dead from last years theatre class. The audience etiquette was good because everyone was quiet and not any crying babies in the house.

  5. The most recent play I have seen was last year. The play was called bang bang you’re dead and the was a good play. The audience etiquette was good no one talk but there was some crying but it was a good play.

  6. The last play I had seen was last Christmas at the western stage, it was the first play I had ever seen actually . Overall the play was great and everyone seemed to enjoy it , the audience was engaged in all the scenes and no one was disrespectful to the actors which over all made it a good experience.

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