Costume Quick Change: Halloween Fun

maskHalloween is made for theatre folks–costumes and makeup and just enough sugar to make it through to your next task class. We learned about dressers for the theatre. To see a dresser in action, we watched this film clip a quick change from the broadway hit musical, Mary Poppins:

The New York Times did a fab article on how important dressers are to their theatre stars–well worth the read.

Our task was to create a complete costume change:

  • Each team selects a costume quick change pile from the stage comprised of completely random items pulled from our shop
  • Select roles of actor & dressers
  • Each item must be put on properly as if the actor would make a real entrance with this costume
  • The team must rehearse the process with everyone involved
  • Time it with your phone to get it done in 25 sec or less
  • Each group will slate & perform quick change

All groups were successful in planning and rehearsing. Many groups performed their quick change in 25 seconds or less. We are still processing the rest of our films, but 6th period’s work is below. It’s the first time with my fancy-pants camera and trying to remember how to use iMovie has been a challenge…so don’t judge the medium…love the process and work of our NSHS Theatre students! When the rest are uploaded to our YouTube channel, we will update this post.

Period 4

Period 3

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As a participant in this activity, how was the performance different from the rehearsal and what did you learn about collaborating with your team? 





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  1. The performance was different from the rehearsal, in the way that there is a much bigger audience, and a much smaller margin of error, this activity was fun and showed the effort needed to become a dresser.

  2. The performance was successes! because a rehearsal y’all continue mess up until finally get it! Also, my team and i were little nervous because it can mess up easily! -.-

  3. It was such a fun experience, my team mates and I worked as an ensemble. We completed the task in less the required time. Rillingale was very impressed and said we were one of the best to get dressed within a short amount of time.

  4. I feel like during the performance, everything felt so awkward with everyone watching you and being so quiet. Besides that, the assignment was fun and taught us how important teamwork is to keep the show running.

  5. Having to do a costume quick change was an intresting moment, and for a second made me nervous. Especially when you are being timed! Shows how you react to pressure.

  6. As a participant of the Costume Quick Change, I felt that the rehearsal was different from performance because there was more pressure due to the act that there was an audience and timer while performing. I learned that you have to discuss the procedures clearly while collaborating with the team.

  7. The rehearsal was a success for my team and I; however performing it on stage was more nerve racking due to the pressure of putting the entire costume on under 45 seconds. All in all it was an amazing experience that I hope we can encounter soon.

    • Maybe you could audition to be in the spring play or work during the play backstage. Great work in your performance!

  8. During the costume quick change rehearsal we just seemed to be getting faster and faster, but during the actual peformance we did mess up a little but we still did pretty well. We learned to help each other out when someone needed help, as we did during our performance.

  9. As a participant in this activity, I felt the performance was different form rehearsal because during the performance the audience watched us and I became a bit nervous. What I learned was that we had to communicate to determine what team member would put what piece of clothing on our model.

  10. As a participant in this activity, the rehearsal was different from the performance because I felt like there was more pressure now that the whole class was watching our group perform. What I learned about collaborating with my team was that we should use out rehearsal time wisely so that we’re prepared for the actual performance.

  11. I really enjoyed participating in this activity. I think what made it more fun was the fact that everyone wanted to be the fastest, so it made it more interesting seeing the different ways people thought would be faster.

  12. The performance was different from practice to reversal because we did it faster but I strggled with the cape during the performance and durging practice I was the first one done, I learned that what someone can’t finish the other person can step in and help them.

  13. The quick change was really fun and fast I loved it and working with my partners we did really well and had a good time

  14. As a participant in this activity, the performance was way more different than the rehearsal in the way that we made a few mistakes during our performance. What I learned from collaborating with my team is that it’s important to let them know what clothing I am going to put on the performer and in what order.

  15. The quick changes were so much fun! I loved all the different outfits and getting to watch all the groups perform.

  16. As a participant in this activity i felt the performance was different from the rehersal because during the performance everyone is looking at you and it makes you feel stressed to get it right and rehearsal no one is really looking at you and you get to mess up as much as you want. By working with my team i figured out their strengths and weaknesses and it got us all to get comfortable with each other.

  17. As a participant in this activity during rehresal was fairly simple, you only need to practice your set up and perfect your quick change under 25 seconds. While actual doing the performance you start to feel a bit agitated and flustered (pressured). The main thing I learned about this activity was that people can change in secends as in clothes that is and that the plays are actual so coordinated that the actors are ready to go into the next act in seconds. Lastly, collaborating with my team was kinda stressful because you bump into them while preforming and you pressure them to hurry.

  18. The performance was different from the rehearsal because during the rehearsal we were doing really good. But during the performance we were going slower. What I learn about collaborating with my team was you need to have it to get anything done.

  19. This process was a bit confusing, but possible 🙂

  20. Collaboration is essential for success in a group. Everyone needs to work together to finish the task at hand with excellence. As a participant in this activity I learned that working together is very important, especially to finish a task in under 25 seconds. Rehearsal was very chill and we didn’t have a lot of pressure, while when we performed we had some pressure to finish on time with everything being in its correct place. Time was our nemesis in this activity, but with good collaboration we were able to achieve this project.

  21. I think my team did better in rehearsal because there was no pressures and in front of the class doing our changes was a little bit more hurrying than rather taking our time

  22. It was a fun experience. Dress rehearsal was a bit slow but towards the end we got used to it. Collaboration was really crucial.

  23. Costume quick changes are very interesting because kids get into the fun of what they are doing and the want to be challenged and beat the time that is assigned which is 25 seconds.

  24. As a participant in the costume quick change the performance was definitely different from rehearsing it cause in a rehearsal you can mess up and make changes but in the performance it had to be quick and precise. This also helped me collaborate with my group by talking about different ways we could do the quick change and who got which part of the costume to put on the person

  25. The performance to me went a little different than how me and my group did it during rehearsal. It felt like it went by fast and we knew what we were doing. It was a bit nerve wrecking because we were in front of the whole class and it was quite. When rehearsing my group worked really well together! We collaborated and listened to each other ideas and inputs. No one was rude and we all had a fun time rehearsing the quick and and performing it as well!

  26. The costume quick change was not only fun to do but it was really fun to watch as well. Everyone in my class did a great job! All of the props were unique and the combinations of them were funky! I didn’t expect to do so well but my group did awesome! I enjoy getting on stage and performing. This was a fun experience!

  27. I’m kind of bummed out that I missed the performances of the wonderful costumes. But watching them was very cool plus very exciting when they only had a certain time to put the costumes on!!

  28. I believe that my team and I worked better during rehearsal rather than our performance since we were a lot slower than we practiced. By collaborating, I learned that my team and I have many different strategies but we can easily pick the same, best ones.

  29. I like the costumes, they look pretty cool. Even though we got 22 sec. on the costume quick change, we put the costume properly.

  30. The performance was different from the rehearsal because in a rehearsal you can keep messing up until you finally get it right. In a performance you feel more nervous about messing up.

  31. I like how you put a video together and how organized we all were . We all did a good job.

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