Theatre Lighting Maintenance: Check!


I looked up at our NSHS lighting grid and saw tons of cables coiled around the pipes and dusty, dirty instruments dripping with webs and grime. After completing the first summer of my graduate program, I knew this would not do.

Introducing the NSHS Tech Project: Ungirding our Grid.

So here’s the plan

  • strike all instruments from grid
  • teach how to properly coil cable
  • learn/teach how to tie a bowline
  • inventory instruments & lighting gear [two-fers, gel frames, extension cords, cable, etc.]
  • note all nonworking circuits on a master plan
  • clean & bench focus each ellipsoidal instrument
  • rehang either in a rep plot or just as a place to hang until we need them for our designs

We budgeted three days after school, meeting from 3: 15 – 6:00. Here’s what we have completed so far:

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We figure one work call will get the rest hung. Then we can take the stage during class for the upcoming project inspired from The LXD.

Click on the comment icon at the top and tell us:

Why should we do maintenance on our lighting instruments? What’s the purpose? Does it really even matter? 

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8 replies

  1. It’s important to maintenance our equipment because that stuff is expensive and we need to be able to use our lighting for extended periods of time. It would also be helpful for the light to be able to shine through the glass uninterrupted by grime so that the stage will be lit during performances.

  2. The reason that it is a good idea to clean and maintain the electronics that make up the electrics is because the equipment when tangled may cause problems as well as it is not safe, the electronics being lights mainly are not under the code of being inflammable.

  3. we should maintain our lighting instruments so they stay in good condition . The purpose to have our lights clean is so they are clear and bright . Yes, it does really matter because then the light are not going to be bright and work well like they are suppose to be working.

  4. We should maintenance on our lighting instruments because they last longer. The purpose is to keep our lights clean all the time with dirt less as possible. Yes, it does make a difference because when we use the lights for a performance the lighting looks brighter.

  5. Why should we do maintenance on our lighting instruments?
    For starters lights are used very often in performances and having them clean will make people stand out better its just like cleaning a mirror. If a mirror is dirty you can’t really see yourself but once you clean it your more beautiful then ever.

    What’s the purpose?
    Lamps and components live longer when they’re in a clean fixture.

    Does it really even matter?
    Yes it matters because maybe some lights can be broken so when you clean them you can spot those things.

  6. I had an experience with lights in the theater because it could how to fix and repair on the stage. Also it is really important to keep them clean and more clear! These lights are so organized! #perfect!

  7. Lighting is essential in the theatre world. If there is no good lighting then the audience won’t be able to see what is happening on stage. Keeping the lighting materials is very important and it makes me happy that people took time to make our small, but awesome theatre, even better.

  8. You should do maintenance on the lights in the theater because it can show more light on the stage.It is also very important to keep it clean so that the light on the background for example is clearer and the lights are more organized.

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