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Isn’t it great when you get paid for doing what you love? Honestly, it’s what I feel when I get my paycheck: I have the coolest gig in town. And so can you!

Students in our the Salinas Union High School District must complete 60 hours of community service in order to graduate. Kaitlyn Dean, our ASB president, did just that when she performed a contemporary dance routine during the Monterey Bay Derby Dames roller derby half time show. Performing community service while doing something that you love–now that sounds like a great combination.

So ask yourself: what do you enjoy doing? What are you already doing that could count as a service to our community? March down to the career center and get yourself a form. Pitch your idea and get the necessary signatures [parents & coordinator] and go do what you love!

Here are the categories from which to choose:

  • school related [you can do only 20 hours]
  • homelessness
  • the environment
  • senior citizens
  • young children
  • the arts and culture
  • disabled citizens
  • literacy
  • ethnic issues
  • job shadow
  • health
  • political
  • animal care

Remember to think outside the box: find a way to match up what you love with one of those categories. Come see me if you need help with justifying your choices!

Drop us a comment and let us know how many community hours you have completed or how many you have left to do.



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  1. I have completed 40 hours working in Laguna Seca and at Discovery Shop which I enjoyed the most! I am currently a T.A for Mrs.Culver completing the rest of my 60 required community service hours! 😇

  2. I have 50 hours in my community service. 10 hours my freshman year by helping My teacher Mr. Alioto with spring intersection. 40 hours Sophomore year for working at the Boys & Girls club. I have 10 hours to go.

  3. I have 40 hours, 20 more to go! Most of my community service hours were with children and the homeless. I enjoyed working with children and the homeless to earn my 40 hours.

  4. I have completed almost 8hours of my community service .Taking care of children during the ELAC meetings after school. I love doing this because it gives me experience with children.

  5. That is such a cool picture of kaitlyn! I currently have 21 hours and I plan to do some at the hospital soon!

  6. There are so many great ways to get our service done! I still haven’t completed mine, but hopefully my next set of hours could be done at a convalescent home. I’ve been wanting to look into that kind of service!

  7. I have 18 hours done of community service. Currently I am working in the hospital and I plan to get 30 hours ther. I will also be gift wraping for 11 and hope to be done.

  8. I have completed 60 hours of community service. I still have to turn some of the papers in to the career center though.

  9. I have finished my community service requirement in time thanks to football,the RISE program and link crew I have also volunteered in the rodeo and minter jam

  10. Super cool how she was able to do that! Especially for her senior year she’s really showing what talent we have here at NH! I have to get my hours done ASAP!

  11. So far I only have 35, but that is because sometimes I forget to turn my forms in. I really enjoy helping people and helping them be safe. I want to be a Cop so day, but I want to be that Cop that has changed many peoples lives. Most of my community service hours have to do with helping senior citizens at Pacific Coast Care. My Favorite is taking them all stuffed animals during Christmas and watching them smile with joy!

  12. I have already completed my community hours for school which I am thankful for beacuse one less thing to worry about. I also stumbled upon more hours by working with kids it’s really fun to see how they think

  13. I still havent done any of my hours but i plan to finish them by the end of this year. I plan on doing them in my old elementary school and in the animal shelter

  14. I have completed all 60 hours. Woohooo! I have volunteered at Relay for Life for the past two years and that has gave me a big chunk of my hours. Also working the snack bar is a fun way to get hours

  15. I have 20 hours done! I need 40 more to go. I plan to continue to work with kids and helping as much as I can. I am going to do some volunteering at the hospital and at tatums garden.

  16. I’m a senior and I still have to do 57 hours! I do enjoy working with kids and hope to maybe get involved in helping children at kamman elementary school.

  17. Reading this made me realize that I only have a couple of hours done in community service. I really need to get that done! I also liked how Kaitlyn not only got all her hours done, but she enjoyed it by doing something she loved.

  18. I have 34 hours of community service completed. I still need to complete 26 hours to complete my 60 hours necessary to graduate.

  19. I have completed 13 community servies hours,this summer at the rodeo.I enjoyed this ,because I was able to do the hours with people I know.

  20. I have completed 111 community service. I complete most my hours at the rodeo. It was fun because my friends were also there to help.

  21. I have 1/3 of my comunity service hours, I plan on finishing my hours this winter break by helping out my aunt at the YMCA. My goal is to have 80 Hours by graduation time.

  22. I still have 40 hours to do 😐 . I plan on getting them by volunteering at the hospital or animal shelter. Or maybe during the events at the rodeo… or doing hours at the boys and girls club. So many options but I’m too lazy …

  23. That’s so cool that Kaitlyn had the privilege to perform at the half time show. She’s an amazing performer! That was also a great approtunity for her to get some community survive as well. I still need to get my sixty hours done before I graduate.. I better hop to it!

    • I also agree with you that Kaitlyn is an amazing performer. You do not want to wait till the last minute like I am so try to get it done as soon as you can.

  24. I have completed all my community service hours. I enjoy helping the youth and providing activities for them.

  25. Helping the community is really fun, especially the one that you really enjoy. By helping the community and having fun at the same time, it really feels good inside. Because you’re are not only helping the community you’re also having fun.

  26. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to start my community service hours. I still have zero but I am signed up to be an after school TA for my math teacher so that should give me a heardstart.

  27. I have exactly 60 hours done posted on the school. But right now I’ve been doing more. I coach little kids and that’s what I love doing. I love being around little kids.

  28. I currently have 4 community hours and am signed up for two events in December; those should bump me up to 9 hours. Hopefully, by the end of freshman year, I’ll have a good chunk of my community service done. Fingers crossed!

  29. I have 12 hours! And they were done in theatre. Going to do some this weekend as well.

  30. I have 20 community hours so far but I still need 40 to go. I’m planning to do as many as I can since I’m a freshmen. My goal is at least 150 hours!

  31. I have about 30 hours completed. I need about 30 hours and I am completing them at the moment.

  32. I have about 16 community service hours left to go ! And I will definetly do them on something i love doing.

  33. Sorry that I could not do the community services hours for theater. I had practice for football and got out to late to help.

  34. I already have all my hours but this would be a great way to earn more if I decided to get more hours

    • i have already finished mine too but it would be a great way to earn more. i agree with you on that students should do more than what is required.

  35. The picture of Kaitlyn is AMAZING you can obviously tell she’s into it and dancing is something she truly loves. I agree with you mr. rilingail my parents have always told me the same thing, to enroll myself in a career that i love doing that way it won;t seem like work. As for my community hours i was done last year. yaaaay!

  36. I’ve completed forty hours of community service. But as a senior I need sixty, my goal is 100, so I have quite a few to go.

  37. I have 21 community hours luckily I still have time left to get the rest done . I’m seeking opportunity to do hours with tutoring kids or around that area.

  38. I enjoy spending time with children because they’re like little mini adults. It amazes me how smart they can be at a young age but I love that they’re so creative when it comes to playing. I need 30 more hours of community service and I plan on finishing them at the day care across the street from North High.

  39. I have all of my community hours! I enjoyed doing what I did to earned my community hours, one less thing to worry about to graduate

  40. I have only completed 9 hours of community service. I need 51 more hours to go in order to graduate.

  41. I have 29 hours of community service complete. I still have to do 31 hours of community service to get to 60 hours.

  42. Helping the community brings me joy, I am planning to be part of the Thespian club and help the needy by giving them duffle bags filled with necessary everyday things. I have 48 community service hours completed and will complete them before I graduate by doing what I love which is helping other people.

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