Open Mic Performances

Open Mic this Friday was lovely! Lunch time sold out: we even had to turn folks away. Of course since it was lunch, students snacked on their favorites:

The lunchtime audience was respectful and appreciative of the performances. Excellent Viking etiquette!

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While not a completely sold-out show after school, the audience showed their approval of all the performers with tons of applause. Again, excellent Viking audience etiquette.

Here are some pix from our after-school show:

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So we need some snappy captions for these photos! Select any numbered photo and provide a suitable caption for it. Be sure to indicate which photo you are referring to [Lunch#3 for example] and your idea for a snappy but school-appropriate caption. The lunch time photos at the top do not count…

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  1. I attended both lunch performances and after school performances and it was cool to see how the performers changed the way they danced or sang.

  2. I loved helping out with selling cookies.. omg great performances as well! more events in the little theatre would be fun :3

  3. open mic was great! I really enjoyed watching the performances! I can’t wait to go to another !

  4. Open mic was so fun! I loved the sigers and the dancers! The food was great!

    • I agree open mic was fun to watch. I also enjoyed watching Vanessa singing on stage. I think she was brave and really talented.

  5. The performances were really good. There were a lot of good singers and dancers. There were also musicians who were very good. I really enjoyed open mic, cant wait for the next one!

  6. The performance after school was awesome! So many talented students, my favorite had to be the twins. Such a lovely voice. But thank you to all the performers!

  7. Excellent show! I was so delighted to see a full house after school, couldn’t even stay because it was so full. After school the crowd demonstrated exemplary theatre etiquette. The performances were spectacular, the snacks were cheap, couldn’t be better.

  8. [Photo#16 One Big happy Viking family!!!!!] I was at the Lunch time open mic it was super fun, never been in a theatre room so full with nothing but students!

  9. By the looks of these pictures, the performances looked great!
    After school #6 Kris looks like he’s singing his heart out! Love it!

  10. Lunch #16 You wish u were a Viking uuh ahh you wish you were in theater. I love the preformence they where amazing. If I had a talent I would of definitely joined open mic.

  11. The performances at the open mic where great I never knew the talent some of my class mates possed

  12. Open mic was a cool experience for me to watch some kids from NH to show us their talents. They all did well and it was really packed at lunch haha! Can’t wait for the next one!

    • I can also agree with Alexis it was a great experience to watch NSHS students show off their talents. They all perform well. I also cant wait for the next one.

  13. I am so devastated I did not get to go! I seen many videos of the performances and they were awesome! I can’t wait until there is another because it was the talk of the school for like a week. Amazing job to all performers!!

  14. Open Mic was great! Lots of talented students performed at the lunch show, but I couldnt attend the after school show though. The audience in the lunch performances were great. No one was saying rude comments and applauded at the end of each performancs. I wish I couldve attended the after school show.

  15. The performances were all great and enjoyable to watch. My favorite part was when the two twins were singing together and also the bomb cookies were good and only 25 cents.

  16. I had forgot about the lunchtime performance and I had practice after school so I could not attend the later one. I heard great things about both shows. Unfortunately I could not go to either.

  17. All the performances were fun to watch. It’s nice to see people be brave and go up on stage and perform in front of an audience. I would have to say my favorite performance was Albert and Jose.

  18. After school#13 “dancing machine” her hip hop dance was cool I wish I can dance like that.

  19. I really didn’t think the house would be packed even during lunch! The performers did an amazing job and audience had proper manners. Looking forward to the next one!

  20. The open mic was a very enjoyable show to watch. I had no idea many of the students performing were so talented and i walk by many of them in hallways. It was truly astonishing.

  21. #4 I wish some of the audience had better theatre etiquette. I chose that as a caption because it’s so relevant to her expression.

  22. Even though I didn’t attend the lunch, and after school performances. Looking at the pictures it seemed like all performers did a very good job, and I missed out on some good talent.

  23. I enjoyed all the performances.My favorite performer was the break dancer.I hope we have another open mic some time this school year.

  24. I loved attending the after school performance, it was calm and enjoyable. Each and every one of the students have amazing talents. Glad to have people like them attend NSHS, makes our school look great!

  25. After school #3. All black everything!

  26. The performances were all fantastic and enjoyable. My favorite would have to be Vanessa’s singing though. I’ve had her in a few of my classes over the years and had no idea that she even sang until i saw her perform at open mic!

    • I agree with you she was my favorite as well, I knew she could sing sinnce freshman year and that was the 7th time I’ve seen her perform.

  27. The performers were all excellent, I had so much fun watching them performed. I also liked when you can eat your lunch while watching them performed. The cookies were pretty also pretty chief they’re were just 50 cents each.

  28. The performers were all excellent, I had so much fun watching them performed. I also liked it when you can eat your lunch while watching them performed. The cookies were pretty also pretty chief they’re were just 50 cents each.

  29. Although I only attended the lunch performance, I am sure that the after school performance was just as great! I’m looking forward to attend more in the future.

  30. I had a great time being a part of open mic .its was a great experience for me and i had fun working the lights .

  31. I enjoyed going to open mic because the performers and audience were excellent. I liked how number#10 the twins singed together .And did a great job rehearsing their part . I always wanted a sister like they have each other 🙂 .

  32. the performance was chill i like the performance of destiny

  33. It was a great performance by everyone. I enjoyed the singing and dancing and I would like to see another open mic.

  34. there were so many talents at the talent show,but i really enjoyed the wonderful sounds of the violinist and flute artist. Having another talent show this year would be magnificent.

  35. I really enjoyed watching the performers after school, the people that performed and we’re really talented! There was not one performance that I did not enjoy, to top it off, the snacks were inexpensive and open mic was free!

  36. This was my first open mic that I have gone too, and I thought it was pretty amazing. I liked how courageous and proud all of the performers were. It defiantly isn’t easy performing in front of a live audience, but the group of people I saw perform defiantly wowed me !

  37. Lunch #10: The twins born of the same song

  38. I really enjoyed the dances and the singers were really good as well I was really shocked about the dance performances because they were so good !

  39. I loved the Open Mic show on Friday performers were incredible and ready to shine on stage. They were super confident, I loved the twins duet the song was perfect. Vanessa’s performance was so breath taking she had amazing vocals.

  40. I loved the Open Mic show on Friday performers were incredible and ready to shine on stage. They were super confident I loved the twins performance the song was perfect and their singing skills as well.

  41. Lunch #10: The twins did a lovely job on their duet performance ! The audience had an incredible time listening to them.

  42. I loved all of the performances! Everyone who performed did great and I especially enjoyed the singing performances.

  43. I honestly didn’t think to many people were going to show up to watch all the performances but there was a full house! I was amazed of how many people showed up. The performers we great, they all had some individuality to their performance. I was sad I wasn’t able to make it to the after school performance but all of the lunch time performers were wonderful! Can’t wait for the next one!

  44. I really enjoyed the show, the performances were amazing. After school #5 looks like a bird getting ready to soar.

  45. Good job on the show I really liked it. For being my first show it really impressed me and had lot of fun watching it.

  46. I agree open mic at lunch was sold out. A Tons of people showed up to see some awesome performances

  47. Good job on the show I enjoyed watching it during lunch

  48. Good job I really Liked the show during lunch keep up the hard work

  49. The singing and dancing really sent chill down my spine! It was really nice

  50. These performances were great, people have such amazing talents here at North Salinas

  51. I really like how everyone performed. The dancing and singing was very entertaining and interesting throughout the show. I look forward to going to more performances.

    • Indeed, I look forward to future performances the theatre has to offer. The dancing was one of my favorite performances, it captivated most of the audience and left us all beaming with our jaws hanging wide open. Nice job performers.

  52. The lunch time performance was great! Many people showed up and it was really nice to see the audience clap at the end for each performer. The performances we’re great, who knew people around you have such great talents. Good Job Vikings 🙂

  53. It was really great performence. I really like the singing and the dance, it was pretty cool to students to show everyone that they have talent.

    • I agree with you that the dancing and singing where really amazing. Also that it was a great time to show what they had to there peers.

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