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Lunch #6

Lunch Audience @ Open Mic

Friday we had two fantastic open mic performances in the theatre. If you have been paying attention in class at all, you know appropriate audience etiquette is essential to the theatre student. Here are some suggestions from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival:

1. Students should use the restrooms upon arrival. Students should know that if they leave the theatre while the performance is in progress, they may not be allowed back inside the theatre
2. Do not eat or chew gum during the performance. Food and drinks are not allowed in the theatre.
3. Do not place your feet on the chair in front of you, on the stage or balcony railing.
4. NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE. It is against copyright laws to take photographs of any kind inside the theatre. You are welcome to take photographs on the grounds and lobbies.
5. Turn OFF and put away all electronic devises prior to entering the theatre, such as cell phones, beepers/pagers, watch alarms, iPods, video game systems, laser pointers, etc. Text messaging and game playing during the performance will not be tolerated. (If possible, please prevent your students from bringing such items with them to the theatre)
6. In live theatre, the actors can SEE AND HEAR the audience. Please be respectful of the actors by not whispering or talking during the performance.
7. Please have chaperones spaced out among your students for maximum supervision.
8. An announcement will be made to indicate the beginning of a performance and the beginning of Act 2. Please listen and return to your seats accordingly. Return to the same seat following intermission(s).
9. During the talk back please do not ask a question that you would not ask your Mother, Grandmother or Pastor’s wife.
10. Applause after a well performed song or dance during a scene, after each act and at curtain call is appreciated. During curtain call do not rush to the exits. It is very rude to actors.

So what did you notice when you were in the audience at the Open Mic performance? Tell us when you attended [@ lunch or after school] and how the audience etiquette was, using the rules above as a discussion point.

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  1. I atteneded and performed at lunch and after school. I noticed that all the audience were watching at during performed. It was good because the casts were strong respectful and also they were not talking and not bother at each other.

  2. As one of the MCs for both open mic performances, I felt that all in all the audience etiquette was pretty respectful, with audience members staying quiet and clapping when appropriate.

  3. I attended the lunch performance. I noticed that many students in the audience were using their cell phones to take pictures and record the performers. However many who attended did not know that there were rules for the audience and perhaps should be told next time there is a performance of some of the rules.

    • I agree with Consuelo because I noticed that many of the people among the audience had their cell phones and it was very distracting. I also agree with her solution by informing the audience of the etiquette when watching performances. This could help make the performances more enjoyable for those that felt distracted by the cell phone use.

  4. In the Theatre audience etiquette is very important because it shows respect twords the performers. I noticed that people were recording and pointing phones at the performers which made them nervouse.

  5. During Open Mic I was able to see the whole audience,since I was one of the introducers to the performers, therefore I was able to notice how many of the student audience were on there phones recording, or taking pictures. Many of them may have not known that it was inappropriate, although theater students should have, for next Open Mic have a sign to let them know to have there phones away .

  6. I attended the after school performance. The audience etiquette was good to me, everyone seemed to be impressed and so into the performance to even glance at their phone, or interrupt with any other distractions. Everyone was pretty respectful!

  7. I think at every high school performance there are going to be people who demonstrate poor theatre etiquette but as theatre students, we should all know better and lead by example and just maybe, others will get the idea of how to act when watching a performance or show.

    • Yes demonstrating how things are correctly done in a positive manner is best, because no one is perfect and if we want pacients from others we must give it back in return.

    • I totally agree with Elizabeth’s comment because it’s true, we’re still in high school and some of us are much more matture than others and know what true audience etiquette is.

  8. i believe not being able to eat in the theatre is important. Not being able to use devices is also important because it shows respect to the performer.

  9. @lunch I noticed that most of the rules where fallowed which is good because I enjoyed the show. One of the rules that was not fallowed was that students ate during the show.

  10. This was the first Open Mic I had ever attended and it kills me to have to say that! It was so fun to watch all the performers on stage and I look forward to attend more! The audience was pretty good as well.

    • I agree with Jisel!!! I wish to have more open mics in the future because they are really so fun to watch and especially see your friends perform…… I think the audience behaved quite well for both lunch and after school performances. It was also shocking that it was respectful at lunch because that is when we tend to get really loud and hyper.

  11. I attended the open mic performance after school and the audience was fairly respectful and very encouraging of the performers, you could feel the positive energy in the room

  12. Open mic during lunch was great. I believe the audience behaved well and applauded at the right times. Great theatre etiquette.

  13. I attended the after school open mic, and I think most of the audience was nice and respectful. Some people were on their phones and being very disrespectful.

  14. I attended the open mic preformance at lunch and I believe the audience etiquette was alright Everyone was respectful during the preformances however I wished in between preformances people were a bit more quiet

    • I agree, their should of been more silent moments where we can actually put our full attention to whatever was coming up next.

  15. I attened open mic at lunch and I would have to say it was a neat seeing those on stage performing. Although I think there was alot of people talking in the audience which is distracting to those who came to watch the show. Wish I could have went to the after school show, I heard there was more performances

    • I agree with Max there was a lot of people talking in the audience and yes there was a couple more performers in the second show you should have stuck around (:

  16. I attended the open mic at lunch and it was a great show. I notice that a lot of people were distracting others by using there phone or by talking. Also some people were laughing or talking bad about people who were performing. Which is not nice because the performers can hear and see you.

  17. So glad, that we have rules in our theater so everyone in the theater can enjoy the performance. I went during lunch, so it was a little chatty and everyone was eating.

  18. I attended the open mic during lunch to watch my good buddy Albert and did notice a lot of cellular devices amongst the audience. The bright tiny screens took away from the focus of the show and were a bit of a distraction.

  19. I wanted to attend the Open Mic during lunch, but it was TOO packed, so i went afterschool! Performances were great and enjoyable. Theater etiquette was okay as well. Keep up the good work actors!

  20. I attended the open mic after school. I notice that the audience applaud too early to one performer. Through out the most of the show the audience were pretty respectful.

  21. I noticed many rules being broken, for example the no recording rule, the no chewing gum, and the no food rule. I admit I broke one or two of the rules.

    • Yes I agree with Esteban. Many students were using their phones, however they should have been told to keep phones away while there were students performing.

  22. I attended the open mic at lunch and noticed that many people were using their phones to record and the light coming from their phones was distracting. There was a lot of talking going on during act transitions but it got quiet once people started their performances.

  23. I attended the Open Mic performance during lunch and I thought the audience etiquette was ok because they were respectful towards the performers. On the other hand though I noticed a lot of phones out among the audience during the performances and I felt that that was a distraction.

    • I agree with Erica’s comment because i did also notice that the audience clapped at appropriate times for the performers showing respect . However many did have their phones out.

  24. I attended the lunch time performance and I really enjoyed it. Some girls walked out during the show but thankfully it was during a transition of the performers. Also, unlike the rule above, we were allowed to eat inside the theatre which was great because it was our lunch hour.

  25. I attended the after school Open Mic. During the beginning of Open Mic, there was a lot of chatter going on, but it was nothing too distracting. I also noticed a few people texting. However, by the middle of the show, it seemed that most people were focused on what was happening onstage, which was awesome.

  26. Well, I went after school and liked how everyone did a great job paying all of their attention to the performers . And were attracted with the performers moves and talent . Most of the audience that were their were respectful and generous not using their electronic devices during open mic .

  27. I was paying attention how people where acting during the preformince. The audiences should have been more polite during the show

  28. the open mic during lunch was packed

  29. the costume quick change was fun i got to know my partners better

  30. Open Mic was great. Lots of talented performers went up during lunch ,but I couldn’t make the afterschool performances. During the lunch performances, I noticed that there was no rude comments and the audience applauded everytime after the performance. I also noticed that no one had any types of electronics during performances. I wish I attended the afterschool performances.

  31. Having the right audienc bebavior is the least a crowd could do. So i agree with majority of the rules .

  32. I enjoyed the performance at lunch alot but was disappointed with the audience etiquette as many were on they’re phone or talking when they are not supposed to.

  33. The aidiance was really good and respectful I feel they did not Interupt people while they were doing their prefoemances

  34. The audience during the lunch performance were more hyped and excited about the performences. I noticed a lot of people cheering for the performer whenever they did a cool move or hit a great note.
    I attended the lunch performance.

  35. Audience etiquette for the afternoon open mic show was grandiose!! It really made the show more enjoyable than it already was. People seem mesmerized by each performer and we got lost in what they were doing. The performers did an extraordinary job. Great experience. Can’t wait for the other!

  36. I was at the lunch show and I noticed that the theatre etiquette could’ve been a lot better because there were phones out. Also, there was chatter going on during performances, but overall it was a fantastic show! Can’t wait for another one!

  37. When I was in the audience at the Open Mic performance I noticed there was a lot of talking going on at the beginning, but after a while it got quiet. I attended the performance at lunch and the audience etiquette was using their phones throughout the performance and recording as well.

  38. I attended the lunch time performance at open mic. The theatre etiquette was not as good as it is during class but he performances were enjoyable.

  39. These rules are pretty good because so far it’s working great! Keep it up!

  40. I agree that no record in devices are allowed in theatre while a performance is on. In fact they should be turned off.

  41. I attended and performed at the lunch and after school Open Mic. I noticed that the audience etiquette was good because the students were respectful, they weren’t loud during the performances, and I did not hear any rude comments.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The crowd during lunch was rather boisterous, but respectful nonetheless. The audience after school was much more tranquil, perhaps because many of us were fatigued, but as I stated before they exemplified excellent audience etiquette. Way to go Vikings.

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