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While thank you cards may be a dying art in today’s society, students at NSHS say differently. After completing our Shape Duet Projects, we reflected in two ways. One was to write a thank you letter describing three things they liked about working with their partner. The other way we reflected was to complete a peer review form. Students appreciate this form as they get the opportunity to sound out about group members in a professional manner.

Here are some of the great thank you cards students wrote: now who wouldn’t like to have one of these in their portfolio?

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So tell us: what’s the hardest thing about writing a thank you card [besides sitting right down and doing it…]?

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  1. I agree with VanessaNavaperiod6 because it’s not hard to write a thank you card unless you didn’t have a responsible partner or someone that didn’t give your group ideas .

  2. The hardest thing about writing a thank you card is to decide how to start it. For me it was pretty easy but when you dont have a good productive partner it might be difficult to find possitive things to say.

    • I agree with Vanessa. For me, trying to figure out how and what to write in the beginning of a thank you card is the hardest part because I like to have some kind of hook that will get the reader’s attention sentimentally. A thank you card should be a personal letter which means getting to know your partner and that’s not always easy.

  3. I agree, who wouldn’t want a thank you card? This last shape duet project was really fun and hope we get to do more projects like this one!

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