Calling All Actors: Spring Play Auditions Announced

DSC_0052NSHS Theatre wants you! If being in a play is still on your bucket list [hello, seniors!], then this is your chance! Auditions will be held

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, January 27th & 28th by appointment only
  • We have audition slots during lunch & after school
  • Be sure to see Rillingale in the theatre to get your audition information packet & sign up to audition

Here’s the skinny on our Spring show:

Set in private sanitarium outside of Boston in 1950, John Patrick’s The Curious Savage is about pursuing the dreams that make one happy regardless of what others believe to be true. Ethel Savage is a wealthy widow who wishes to set up a fund to give away her husband’s money to people who wish to follow their dreams, foolish though they appear. To make her come to her senses, her small-minded and selfish children place her in The Cloisters, a comfortable and tasteful sanitarium. This play features a woman trying to get her family to rescind the order to be institutionalized, and the “social misfits” who have accepted living in a false world of their own making.

Need some advice about auditioning? We have some advice!

Curious Minds Want to Know

So seniors: you are in your last semester. What’s on that NSHS academic or extra-curricular bucket list? Not a senior, tell us anyway. Be sure to mindful of your commenting etiquette.



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4 replies

  1. One of the last things on my bucket list for senior year is to have a spectacular performance for the last talent show!!! I want it to be my best yet. I also want to get a 4.0😄

  2. SusanaGPer.4 I have always wanted to sky dive with my best friend and travel the world. These two things have always been on my bucket list. I would sure like to accomplish them.

  3. I thinks I’d be fun to be in a play, hopefully I can watch it. Excited to hear what it’s going to be about.

  4. I think that the upcoming play is going to be great. The characters are surely interesting, but I don’t think many people have auditioned yet…

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