Winter Ball Survey

doc4d49c52733d398544626511Many of you attended the 2015 NSHS Winter Ball this past weekend. Today’s post asks you to complete a survey on your experience. This survey will serve as one of your five comments you need to make in February. While the results will be anonymous, you will need to write your first name, letter of your last name, Period #, just like if you were to leave a comment. Leadership won’t know who sent which comment, pinkie promise. That said, please be as positive and constructive as possible. 

You will find your survey here.

Didn’t attend Winter Ball? No worries, just tell us how theatre skills might find their way in prepping for or attending t a big dance.  

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  1. I didn’t go to winter ball, but I think there should have been a dinner type of thing and an actual photobooth

  2. I loved that the theme of this year’s winter ball was Gatsby, but I couldn’t end up going. Sadly, I missed out because I wanted to dress like a flapper!!!

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