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keep_calm_and_lip_sync_for_your_life_png_poster-r4804f216b2a34220a11279b4b0ed81a0_wvw_8byvr_512Our Spring Play, The Curious Savage, has been cast and rehearsals are underway. Company information is available here. If you are the curious type, savage or no, take a look around.

Our lip syncs go up in just a few weeks. So, who likes to sing in the shower? Who likes to sing along in the car? Yet who has a mehhh singing voice? Then this project is for you! Some benefits of learning to lip sync include:

  • Learning to move to the music without having to learn to dance
  • Experiencing musical theatre without having to be a [good] singer
  • Learning to make appropriate facial expressions fearlessly
  • Discovering the fine art of synchronization
  • Learning to find a theme and decipher a storyline
  • Pulling various elements together for a full-scale performance

Details on this project are here. The key to this project is all about song selection.

So tell us: what’s the title of your song and what is it about? Provide a one-sentence summary of your tune that includes title, genre, who, what, and where information.

Your example: “Bend & Snap,” from the musical Legally Blonde, is about teaching Paulette, a hairdresser with low self esteem when it comes to men, to use her womanly assets to get the guys to notice her.

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  1. “Zero to Hero” was my song. Its from the movie Hercules on Disney. The genre was pop . It was a very energetic song and my group was great. This song explains how herc went from a nobody to a hero.

  2. The song that we will be lip syncing is “I want you back” by Jackson 5. The genre is midtown/punk. It’s about a guy who breaks up with his girl and when he sees her with someone else he wants her back.

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