Savage Build Day

The Curious Savage Company worked hard today cleaning, measuring, using power tools, and editing the Playbill program. We broke out some of the fancy new power tools {thanks, S.T.A.R. grant!} and started on our first door flat. Most of the actors showed up to build–we know at NSHS that the set fairies don’t arrive over night and build our show–we have got to work it! Thanks to all the cast and crew members who lent a hand today.


If you are handy with power tools or want to learn how to use them, drop by theatre and talk to Rillingale. We’d love to have you join us!

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  1. The production wouldn’t be anything without the build up crew! Even though I am not in this play I just want to say thank you to the ones who helped out! I’m sure all the props will turn out wonderful!

  2. Great job to those who helped clean the theater.

  3. I like how the cast members are also willing to help out and clean things up! It shows that they care about how things are and that they’re not just there to learn lines! Great job to them!

  4. Building is really fun especially because Mrs. Rillingale baked us treats. They were to die for. I also enjoyed using power tools it made me feel strong. Hope our set looks great. 👍👍

  5. Cleaning is not easy, and those people who helped clean “you guys are super star”

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