NSHS Theatre Entertains Freshmen


NSHS Theatre was a proud participant in our annual meet and greet next year’s freshmen. All the major players at our school were represented: ASB, World Languages, FFA, Music and tons more. Incoming freshmen and their parents went on tours of our school [led by ASB folks and Admin] and even had a tasty meal while waiting for the presentations to begin.

We sent two acts: a nifty Junk Yard Drill Team from six period featuring Kaitlyn, Claire, Antonio, Vanessa A., Vanessa E, Sirenia, and Samantha. Our second act was a solo singer, Vanessa. Both performances were well received; it was a great night to be a Viking!

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  1. # 6 I pray the freshmen love high school
    #4 please don’t hurt me I beg you

  2. The performance at the freshmen night was really nice. I happened to be there because my history teacher was giving out extra credit for those who would come to help encourage them. I really hope the incoming freshmen join and enjoy theatre because I really do and it’ll be fun.

  3. I really enjoyed their performance! I hope the incoming freshman liked it too & makes them want to join theater because it really is a great class.

  4. #5 Peace out incoming Freshman😄✌️
    #1 Oh look at that back flip!!! You go girl!!!🙌👏
    #6 Hey!!!!😄

  5. #1picture has an interesting pose with that girl’s backflip and as we are learning how to use that rule from theatre . #6 picture is telling us that lets have hope for next year’s freshmen to get more involve and have spirt for our school and to be proud of being a Viking .

  6. #6 i will pray for the girl doing a flip #2 yeah we can walk the walk!!

  7. #4 Mrs Cruz got me like.
    #5 I wouldn’t trust these nurses.

  8. #1 should have the captions, #nice backflip, and #5 should have the captions, #Freshmen night is a fun night

  9. I didn’t get to go to but from what I heard, it seem liked a success. Hopefully, the eighth graders have an interest to take theater next year!

  10. #5 , nurses like to have fun to!
    #1 watch me flip

  11. I’m Excited for the incoming freshman to be Vikings next year! Hopefully this theater entertainment encourages them to join the theatre department next school year!

  12. The picture number four caption “Please don’t hurt me i beg please”. The Picture number five caption “Do you trust these nurses?”.

  13. #6 I will pray so all these freshman come next year. #2 I am an Irish dancer hell yea.

  14. I like their perfromance they really did a good job.

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