NSHS Lip Syncs Rocked the House!


Holy smokes, but our Lip Syncs were hot! What a delight to watch from the booth while students ran the lights and sounds for their classmates who performed an incredible variety of songs. Each class was divided into two sets of 3 – 6 acts complete with MCs who did a super job introducing and reminding our audience when to clap. Every performer was encouraged to invite another student on campus–what a delight to have some parents in the house as well!

While we did record most acts, it’s important to realize that theatre is ephemeral–it’s performed in real time in front of a live audience. Once the show is over, the lights go down, the audience thanks us with their wild applause, and we get ready for our next show.  Too often we spend time watching an event through a lit-up cell phone. Yet, our brains do the recording for us. Theatre encourages us to be present–this show on this day at this particular time. Tomorrow’s show might be slightly different based on our audience.

That said, we will debrief our performances in class–some will be watched again, but all will be savored in our memory.

So tell us: What two things did you learn about yourself as a performer or technician during this lip sync project? 

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  1. In this lip sync project I learned that I’m not as shy to go on stage anymore.I also learned I work better with a group.

  2. Two things I learned as a performer is that im still not that confident with performing in front of people, but I am better than I was when we first started. Also that working as a group makes things easier because we are all feeling the same way about performing.

  3. Two things i learned from performing this lip sync is that use your time wisely when rehearsing and don’t be nervous when you’re on stage because you feel proud of yourself afterwards.

  4. This project was a really fun experience. My groups song was “ABC” by Jackson 5 and the genre was R&B/Hip-hop. I really enjoyed watching the other performances and everyone did a great job!

  5. This project was really fun! My groups lip syncing song was “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles which is in the rock music genre. I’ve learned a lot from this project, specifically how curtain call works.

  6. I had a log of fun but I learned that practice makes a better performance, the more we practiced the better we got. We also learned to not feel forced to move around a lot.

  7. I have learned has a performer that even though you do not like acting ,once you go further into it you connect with it and experiment more thing you thought acting didn’t involve. Another thing I have experiment is that you worry lease and get less nervous and enjoy it and have fun along with it .

  8. First off i learned that rehearsal time is not something that should be wasted by goofing off. Secondly i learned that preforming in front of an audience can be intimidating, but after the preformance you feel great knowing you accomplished your obsticle.

  9. I leaned that I’m not as shy as I thought and that it’s really not that bad to be on stage.

  10. Two things I learn about myself as a performer is I need to smile more and I can dance.

  11. We performed the song ” Lips are moving ” by Megan trainer, and I was able to learn how to work better with a team and also learn how to not be so nervous on stage.

  12. This project was one of the hardest but it was really fun! My group performed Rockin’ Robin by Bobby Day

  13. I learned that I’m not that good when it Comes to onstage movements and having a strong presence.

  14. Everyone did so good that nobody sucked and I was surprise that no one did not messed up.

  15. The song me and my group did was “Hollaback Girl”. The two things i learn as a performer is that you got to remember your lines and to not look at the lights so much. It hurt my eyes and blinded me.Overall i had a fun time working on this project.

  16. While performing the lip sync performance I learned to har fun on stage and not be nervous. It’s really not bad the lights made things better because I couldn’t really see the audience.

  17. I had a really fun time with this project! The lights , sound , MC’s & audience made the performance seem more realistic! My group did a really great job as well as the other groups in my class! I definitely enjoyed this unit & I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

  18. First I learned that it not easy to work with others, but if you try hard and have lots of patience, it will work at the end. Second I learned that I will never forget the lyrics to “Zero to Hero” 😄😄

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