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I have often said that roller derby is 75% athleticism and 25% theatre. Having joined the Monterey Bay Derby Dames a few years ago, I could certainly appreciate the drama component. Buff women in racy costumes and fab makeup cheered on by adoring fans…what’s not to love? Audience + show = great time. Skating through many fresh meat sessions whereby we have do 27 laps in 5 minutes assured me of the athleticism. Laughing uproariously when actually trying to skate the 27 in 5 was certainly enough drama for me…

So we had our Monterey Bay Derby Dames season opener this weekend and while this is an academic/theatre blog, I wanted to share with you other aspects of theatre. Plus, I have it real bad for derby…

Like all sporting events, we begin each bout [that’s derby talk for game] with our National Anthem. Since Vanessa Aguilar has rocked our NSHS house many times at our Talent Shows and Open Mics, I asked her to be our national anthem singer. She was poised, professional, and hit the high note like a rock star. It was stunning beyond belief. As both her theatre teacher and Bout Production Director, I was proud when she arrived early and was prepared to sing in front of 300+ people. She was amazing. And the best part: her family won the raffle! Derby pays!


Like all good shows, we have an intermission, or a half time. Since our first bout opened on Pi Day 3/14/15], we planned a pie-eating contest. The pie, compliments of Lafayette Bakery, was fabulous. And our winner: Desire Urban, told that pie she meant business. It was a great event: dramatic and athletic!



And the best news? We won the bout! Life is good in derby world.

scoreSo tell us:

So how did you spend your Pi Day? What theatre skills have you been honing lately?



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