NSHS Little Theatre Film Fest ’15

imagesLike last year, we are making films! Once it’s all done, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1

Make sure you have the following info typed up, ready to copy and paste:

  • The super snappy title of your film
  • The first names and initials of all the people in your team and the period you are in theatre. [Don’t include the actors in your film if they aren’t in your group.]
  • Three sentences either summarizing your film or discussing the process of making it. Here are some sentence starters:
    • Our film is about…
    • We made this film because…
    • The idea behind this film was…
    • This school project is about…
    • We learned __ while making this film because…
  • Have iMovie editing issues?

Step 2

Head out to your YouTube Channel and upload your film. Not sure how to do this? Check out the following link for a refresher.

Step 3

You’re almost done! The last thing you must do by Wednesday, March 25, is to complete the following form. Groups must complete the form or their films may not be graded on time for progress reports [Oh no!].

  • Film Fest 2015 Form
  • PS: If your film is uploaded and the form is filled out before Tuesday, March 24 @ midnight, your group receives an 50 extra credit points.

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