The Curious Savage Opens This Week

CSHS (1 of 1)-3 The Curious Savage performs April 16th & 17th @ 7 pm. Current theatre students are welcome to attend our final dress rehearsal April 15th @ 3:30. [You must be a current year theatre student to attend…]

Additional Performance Dates

  • Wednesday, April 22nd @ 4 pm
  • Thursday, April 23rd @ 7 pm
  • Friday, April 24th @ 7 pm

Join us for a photoshoot on Wednesday, April 22 directly following the show.

Ticket Prices

  • General admission tickets are $5.
  • Theatre students, your discounted ticket of $4 is only available pre-sale.
  • NSHS Staff and family are free: let us know when you would like to attend and we’ll hold your seats  until 15 minutes to curtain.

What’s it about?

Set in private sanitarium outside of Boston in 1950, John Patrick’s The Curious Savage is a comedy about pursuing the dreams that make one happy regardless of what others believe to be true. This play features a woman trying to get her family to rescind the order to be institutionalized, and the “social misfits” who have accepted living in a false world of their own making.

The show is a comedy and runs two hours. Come and see us!

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2 replies

  1. I saw preview of the play during class time and I thought that I had to go see it. It was a really funny play. I enjoyed as well as the other people. Every one just seemed to be having a good time. Those two hours were really worth it.

  2. I attended the show this April 16 at 7 p.m. it was spectacular. Even though it was 2 hrs long it seem like an hour . I hope Nshs provides more shows so students around attend and make a positive comment on what was fantastic . And what needs to improve or change to make it amazing 🙂 .

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