Savage Advertising Tips Needed

Curious Savage Prep (1 of 1)-3 Our spring play, The Curious Savage, opened this past week to respectable crowds. We worked hard spreading the word.
Now, we did the following activities to ensure a full house:

  • Posted tons of flyers on campus
  • Reminded current theatre students to be sure to attend as a written review is a requirement of the class
  • Placed several ads and reminders in the student announcements
  • Offered free tix to NSHS staff and their families
  • Sold some tasty snacks at inexpensive prices
  • Found some nifty car markers and advertised on multiple windows around campus

And yet, we didn’t quite pack the house like our cast and crew had hoped… So we have one more week to perform and we really want to sell out. Give us some ideas here! What tried and true legitimate [i.e. legal and appropriate for school] practices should we use to fill our house?

Weigh in here and give us some ideas!

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  1. For the next play, some ideas to have a full crowd is to have it announced at school. When the cast is ready to perform, record a scene and have teachers show the students so they won’t miss out the fun.

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