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Curious Savage Prep (1 of 1)-3After every show, we always do a debrief–we are always trying to learn from our mistakes and like to also pat ourselves on the back if/when we do some thing right. Want to know if auditioning or teching a play is right for you? Read some of the feedback from the actors and tech crew from The Curious Savage and decide!

What we liked:

  • Everyone was very friendly and welcoming
  • Being able to make new memories
  • Building friendships that will last forever
  • The people involved with the production
  • The food was always good
  • Learning some new skills to help become a better performer
  • Creating our own set
  • The funny moments that we shared while building and acting
  • The costumes
  • The energy everyone had
  • The message the play gave
  • The tech

We also did a Community Service Project. Working on the Homeless Teen Project was….

  • great because I enjoy helping people
  • a great addition to the play and was a good way to give back to the community
  • an interesting and new thing; very thoughtful and selfless

We thought our costumes were

  • appropriate and matched the time period of the play
  • befitting of the time era; we had fur, jewelry, shoes and a lot more
  • great!

Our tech crew got top marks too in that they

  • worked extremely hard
  • were very adaptable considering how much was thrown at them
  • were always prepared

While it’s easy to say what’s right, it’s important to note what we should change for next time:

  • get T-shirts
  • don’t take our phones away during the show/tech so if we had some extra time we could use them [ha! like that’s ever gonna happen…]
  • realize how time consuming and exhausting being in a play actually is
  • make sure to have a pickup rehearsal before matinee
  • advertise more
  • do a fundraiser
  • use fire and swords [thanks, Max…]

We also harnessed the internet to make communication easier. Using the Remind app was

  • extremely helpful; it kept us up to date with everything and we knew what was going on with the show at all times
  • great; I actually used it
  • great; I gave me updates wherever I was
  • very useful; it reminded us when to go to rehearsal and when it ended
  • helpful; it helped us make time for everything

The show was a success on many levels. Thanks to all who participated and to all who attended the show. Stay tuned for next year’s productions…there’s a musical in the works…

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5 replies

  1. I really enjoyed watching my friends act in this play!

  2. I really loved this play,I worked it a couple times and I enjoyed watching the play it was very funny and had slut shaming which I thought was funny

  3. The set looked amazing and went well with the theme. Also the costumes were great and appropriate.

  4. Great performance from each actor and actress on set.

  5. The Play is among the best plays I’ve seen preformed by my fellow class mates.

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