Poster Design 101

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Poster created by Sebastian & Estafani, Period 1

We have lots of talented graphic designers here at NSHS, so to show off these talents, we are making posters this year for the Talent Show.

There are many things to know about good design; many folks spend years studying and perfecting their techniques. Here are a few sites dedicated to tips [I really like the ideas from the last site…]:

In our Google Classroom, we are creating posters using design templates from Check it out and get yourself an account! Our theatre students have completed at least 6 tutorials and will be presenting some nifty posters soon.

Once they are completed, I will place all posters here. Your job is to vote on them.

Period 1 Posters

Period 2 Posters

Period 3 Posters part 1

Period 3 Posters part 2 [see slideshow below]

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Period 4 Posters

Period 6 Posters [see slideshow below…]

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