Fairy Tale Tableaux Performances

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A scene from “Alice in Wonderland”

Fairy Tale Tableaux Pt2

This project is similar to our Fairy Tale Tableau project—but with a twist: you will add a series of narrators.

Here’s the process:

  1. Select your fairy tale.
  2. Identify the “Plot Givens” from your Given Circumstances Handout [include exposition, inciting incident, 2 rising actions, climax, 2 falling actions & resolution]
  3. Write a one-sentence summary of the entire story.
  4. Create a series of eight tableaux that clearly represent the dramatic structure of your scene. Your team must include:
    1. Exposition (1 tableau)
    2. Inciting Incident [1 tableau]
    3. Rising actions (2 tableaux)
    4. Climax (1 tableau)
    5. Falling action (2 tableaux)
    6. Resolution (1 tableau).
  5. Each tableau must have a narrator who introduces the scene and must speak in at least two complete sentences.
  6. Each group member must take a turn at being a narrator—that’s right, everyone in your group will speak!!
  7. You must have an auditory cue between each tableau. Your stage manager doesn’t necessarily have to perform the cues—select the most dramatic manner possible for your audible cue.
  8. Your transitions must be seamless.
  9. Of course all your tableaux will have 3 levels.
  10. Establish & rehearse your slate order—your stage manager will tell us the one-sentence summary.
  11. I will assess your group’s tableaux, but assess each student individually on slate and projection onstage while acting as narrator.

The project stretched our abilities to work in teams, enhance projection, and to be more comfortable maintaining concentration onstage.

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