Lion King Stage Manager @ Western Stage


Who doesn’t love The Lion King? We all know the songs. We all know the zany characters. Two weeks ago I attended a matinee performance up in San Jose. During the second act, my daughter reached over and whispered, “This is awesome. ” And it was. Huge puppets entering from the house [we sat house left and got to see the elephant enter!] Exquisite set changes–fab light cues–such a delightful ensemble.

And the awesome sauce continues as NSHS Theatre students have been invited to attend a special presentation by The Lion King‘s Stage Manager, M. William Shiner, who will share his Stories on the Road at Western Stage next week. And we are going! Show time is Monday, September 28th at 6:30. See me in room 911 for details.


So what questions would you have for a professional stage manager? 

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