Junk Yard Drill Team Performances

JYDT (1 of 1)A drill team is a marching unit that performs military style maneuvers in parades, at air shows, football half-time shows, and other public venues. The purpose is to show what excellence, hard work, and teamwork, are like in working as a tightly engaged ensemble.

A junk yard drill team is all that, and more. [It’s called junk yard because weapons on campus are a complete no-no.] Most groups this year chose to make noise via their bodies, i.e., slapping and stomping. Next year I might rename the project as many groups were inspired by both LXD [a super dance and movement series by director John M. Chu] and Stomp.

This year’s JYTD performances were fantastic! If you want to learn how the project works, complete with a super rubric for grading, check it out here.

All Most projects are up on our YouTube channel, but we have placed the links here as well. Please note that some are still in the process of being uploaded, so be sure to check back!

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 6

Send these performers some love! Tell us which ones you liked best and two reasons why.


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