Student Directed Shows Underway

SDS (1 of 1)-4Our winter shows  are in production and perform February 18th, 19th, and 20th. We open the evening with the comedy, “Check Please,” by Jonathan Rand. Senior Guadalupe Elizarraraz directs this zany show about how tough it is to go on blind dates. We meet men who wear burlap, mimes, kleptomaniacs, women with multiple personalities, and more–all trying to find the perfect date.

The drama by Forrest Musselman, “A Deep Poetic Journey into Something,” is our second show of the evening. Directed by senior Mariela Hernandez, this show is about breaking away from society’s norms and self-fulfillment even through adversity.

We end our evening with a comedy about punctuation. Apostrophe’s” is a comedy about, you guessed it: apostrophes. Through a series of classrooms, Bradley Hayward’s Apostrophe’s takes the audience into the world of high school “ill-grammar” students. This show is directed by senior Jacob Ngo.

Tickets are $5. Middle school students attend free [with student ID] on Friday, February 19th.

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