Hey: Where Are They Hiding All the Nifty Drama Resources?

Standard Halloween CostumeYou mean I get to teach theatre all day long? How cool is that? But wait, where are all the websites that will help me teach my high school drama classes? Where are all the tips that will help me manage rehearsals in my classes? Where will I learn how to be a rock star theatre teacher I am hoping to become? Because man oh man, I know I am gonna love this teaching theatre gig…

Yet all the enthusiasm in the world didn’t prepare me for the reality of teaching high school theatre to kids who weren’t born with the Glee gene. When I started teaching theatre classes, I just couldn’t find many sites that would help me in my HIGH SCHOOL classroom. Most ideas came from well-intentioned college professors who could utter words like,The Method,” and see the nods of recognition from their students. I say “The Method” and my students think I am talking about a new cleaning product.

Initially, I bought every book I could get my hands on. Heck, if it said any form of the the words, “teaching” and “theatre” [with theatre spelled both re and er], I bought it!  As I planned my lessons, these texts helped a ton. I was getting better and better. And man oh man, I really loved my job! Getting paid to teach theatre? Dream come true, man!

Of course, I still continued to scour the internet hoping…Yet I still wasn’t finding many sites that would help me teach theatre in my own high school classroom. 

DIY Mentality

Typical in the theatre, though, if we can’t find what we need ready-built, we make it ourselves. And my students were starting to make some great theatre!  Lessons were beginning to rock for us, and I really wanted to crow on behalf of my students. Heck, we do excellent, standards-based work in our 120 seat proscenium-styled theatre! 

So this website chronicles our journey as we celebrate community, one show at a time. My name is Lisa Rillingale and I do five shows a day teach high school theatre full-time at North Salinas High School, located in sunny Salinas, California. And man oh man, do I love my job! (Can you tell?!)

Most of these posts are inspired by my students; indeed, some are even written by them. These methods, tips and ideas are honed & crafted in my classroom every day. By creating this site, I hope to

Lofty goals? A teacher has to start somewhere, and this site is a good place to start. Come and join us!

Credentials Street Cred 

In the world of No Child Left Behind, it’s important that my students know I am highly qualified. I hold an M.F.A. in directing from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion and a double B.A. in English and Speech/Theatre Communications from Bemidji State University. This will be my 19th year of teaching. (Gosh, where does the time go?)

Costume Construction

In addition to directing and designing a bazillion shows with my students, I have worked summer stock and in professional theatres in the midwest, from which I hale.

Living Stage IV cancer survivor, has taught me how to balance manage chemo, radiation, surgery, teach, do shows, maintain a 4-acre hobby farm and raise a family. Of course it’s all because I have fantastic support and a ton of help from family, friends, colleagues and students.

Questions? Want to chat about how cold it really is in Vermillion, SD in the winter? Drop us a line below:

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