NSHS Theatre 2013 – 14 Season

The Good Doctor

Our in-class and after school program teaches students to harness essential 21st century theatre-related skills from acting and directing to design and marketing. Any NSHS student may participate in our after-school program—you don’t have to be in the theatre class to be involved.

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NSHS Theatre 2013 – 14 Season

Bang Bang, You’re Dead by William Mastrosimone

November 7 – 9 @ 7 pm, November 9 @ 2 pm

  • A young man lies in a jail cell for having committed unspeakable crimes. Five of those he murdered earlier that day—figments of his imagination, not ghosts—enter his cell demanding answers. When Josh evades their questions, they become akin to a chorus of Greek Furies who torment him, make him re-live events, and drive him towards the threshold of remorse.

DramaRama an evening of Student-Directed Plays [titles to be announced soon]

January 24 – 25 @ 7 pm, January 25 @ 2 pm

MMMBeth & Drop Dead Juliet, by Allison Williams : An Evening of Shakespearean Parodies

April 10 – 12 @ 2 pm, April 12 @ 2 pm

  • In MMMBeth, everything goes wrong. The witches take over the storytelling, Queen Duncan would rather open a donut franchise than die, Lady M’s a bloodthirsty June Cleaver, and the murderers are preoccupied with creating a commercial for their services.
  • Romeo and Juliet will never be the same – or will it? Juliet has had enough! Enough with the poison, enough with the stabbing, and especially enough with the dying. She wants a new story and she wants it now. More romance! Less death! But not everyone’s so keen on the changes. And why is Romeo sneaking off with Rosaline?

[Comments below reflect our past season.]

8 replies

  1. I didn’t get to watch the 3 oranges play, I should have though. But I know it was awesome because I believe that the students in theater are really good, & from watching skits assigned during class from the students who participated in the 3 oranges play, I’m pretty sure they did amazing

  2. the 3 oranges play was awesome .

  3. John Holaday 6, mine was when Chris went running like crazy in search of his three oranges after getting cursed to fall in love with oranges!

  4. I loved the play too. Karina 6 what was your favorite part? Mine was when Shawn kept using his accent and I could barely stop myself from laughing out loud.

  5. I didn’t get to watch the play hard candy but I’m still excited to see the dramarama opening show tonight! This site has all of the best pictures of all the plays and events, we really can’t miss anything;)

  6. It was so much fun watching The love of 3 Oranges, it was funny and all the actors did such a great job!

  7. I loved watching this play. I advise all the north high students to go to atleast one play or performance. I really enjoyed laughing and experiencing the great atmosphere the cast usually produces.

  8. Hard candy was AWESOMEEE! I love Adrian. ❤

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