NSHS Theatre 2015 – 16 Season

When Galaxies Collide by Gary Griffitts: November 4 – 6 & November 12 – 13

  • Set on a futuristic and alien planet, When Galaxies Collide is a musical comedy about shattering old ways while shining a light on the future for two alien races at constant war with one another. Blaming one another for the destruction of their home planet, the Bubblonians and the Velcroknights are desperate to colonize a new mysterious planet whose moons carry mysterious powers. When Prince Vektor sees Princess Bella and they exchange a magical kiss under the three moons, the Velcroknight is hooked. Inspired by his new love for a former enemy, Vektor comes up with a plan to unite the two warring peoples.
  • Audition Dates: August 17 – 20

Arsenic & Old Lace: Spring

  • Joseph Kesselring’s Arsenic and Old Lace is a comedy about protecting one’s family members from madcap and illegal choices in spite of themselves. Set in the 1940’s in Brooklyn, New York, the play takes place in the Brewster sister’s quaint Victorian home. The play starts in late afternoon in early autumn and continues through the next morning.

Talent Shows

  • We plan to do a Talent Show in the Fall and the Spring. Stay tuned for dates and details!

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