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Who Should Take Theatre at NSHS?

What do we do in the theatre class? Who should take a theatre class? Pretty near anybody, because theatre isn’t just for actors!

  • If you are a snappy dresser
  • like fashion
  • are a DJ
  • appreciate cool music
  • write bad/good spoken word
  • dance to your own beat [or learned from watching you-tube videos!]
  • design hair and make-up
  • like to build things with your hands
  • or think power tools are nifty, then the theatre class at NSHS is definitely one for you.

Download the 2014/15 Course Description here

What Happens in an NSHS Theatre Class?

Theatre Arts is a standards-based yearlong course, which introduces the study of a variety of theatre skills. Using the newly released National Core Arts Standards, the course includes four artistic processes:

  • Creating – Conceiving & developing new artistic ideas and work
  • Performing/Presenting/Producing – Realizing artistic ideas & work through interpretation and presentation
  • Responding – Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning
  • Connecting – Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context

Grading Policy

Much of your grade in this class is based on your willingness to collaborate and be a member of this very hands-on and active class. In addition, your grade is determined by total points earned within the following categories:

  • Collaboration
  • Projects & Performances
  • Live Theatre Attendance & Review
  • Tests/Quizzes [you may retake any test for mastery]
  • Theatre Portfolio
  • Production Hours
  • Online Academic Presence

You owe it to yourself to know what your Theatre Arts grade is at any time. I update grades every two weeks often, so be sure to get your student login from the counseling secretary so you can check your progress online.

Athletes who need weekly updates [i.e. the pink paper] must check their status online first, record the grade on their paper, and submit to me to sign.

Grading breakdown is as follows:

90% = A; 80% = B; 70% = C;

60% = D; less than 60% = F

Absences & Collaboration Points

Theatre isn’t like other classes where you can miss a class and easily get caught up. Instead, theatre is all about collaboration, or working together to create something.

  • Each day you receive collaboration points—if you are absent, there is no makeup for these as you can’t collaborate solo.
  • Be sure to get the daily questions from a classmate and any handouts from the box organized by date
  • Students absent for more than 30 minutes of the class period without a note from the office will be marked absent.

Please note that students who are absent on presentation day [scene or project] may receive a “U” for conduct. Of course emergencies do happen, but don’t let your team down—arrive on time and be ready to participate. 

Tardies & Conduct

Latecomers, please sign-in legibly on the clipboard by the door.

  • Students who have five or more tardies or unexcused absences will automatically receive a “U” for conduct. Your girlfriend would rather go to prom than have you walk her to class…honestly.
  • You will receive a “U” for conduct if you exhibit poor theatre etiquette. Some of these examples include talking during a critique, distracting performers, or exhibiting other inappropriate audience behaviors.
  • Students will receive a theatre etiquette reporting rubric after most major projects to submit to parents for approval and signature.
  • Compulsive texters will also get a “U”—learning the proper time to access your electronic device is a valuable skill…

Theatre Skills

We use theatre skills every day. As this is a production course, [i.e. we don’t just appreciate theatre, but we create it], all students are required to document 10 hours per semester utilizing theatre skills outside the classroom.

  • Proper documentation of these hours will become part of your semester grade.
  • Fill out the form, get the required signature and submit hours any time throughout the semester.
  • Like community service, don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Details on what kind of theatre skills count will be distributed in week three; look under the Handout section for “Theatre Skills.”

Social Media & Online Resources

Isn’t the internet great? There are so many great resources for students of life theatre. Plan to become a published artist and critic as you submit your opinions, work samples, and comments to our class website. All students must sign an internet and online consent form for this class. Your last name will never be used, but we do post photos and video content. Check out our YouTube Channel: nshstheatre.

Viking Theatre Review

Please plan on attending & reviewing one NSHS Theatre production each semester.

  • We are presenting a variety of shows each semester, so get your calendars prepped.
  • You will receive an incomplete (“I”) in the class if you do not attend and review a live production here at NSHS or at a local production pre-approved by the instructor.

Got Talent?

Each semester we present an NSHS Talent Event showcasing all the great acts we have here at NSHS.

  • We need all types of talent, just be sure you are ready to perform in front of 300+ people.
  • Get your act together & sign up to perform.

Fall Play Auditions

Working on that bucket list? Come audition for the Fall and/or Spring Play!

  • Acting in a play demands the same type of dedication as being in a sport since we rehearse after school five days a week.

If you are already committed to a fall sport, consider auditioning in the spring or get your act together for the Fall Talent Show.

  • Auditions for the fall play, The Curious Savage, will be held August 19 – 20 after school.
  • While auditioning for the Fall or Spring Play is not a requirement of the theatre class, you receive all handouts with details about the play and how to audition in class just in case…
  • Can’t wait? Check out the website and look for the heading: After School Program: Fall Play 2014.

Fringe Benefits

Being a member of this class allows you access to the plays at a reduced cost—and even free, if you time it right!

  • Current drama students are always welcome to attend our final dress rehearsal free of charge. This is typically on a Wednesday around 4 pm.
  • Can’t make it? That’s okay: come see the show any other time for only $4.00. You must show your ID and be currently taking the course to receive this discount.
  • Advanced students are welcome to attend ANY technical or dress rehearsal.

Advanced Students
Welcome back! You will be doing all of the above as well as taking on leadership roles within the class. Much of what we will be doing will be NEW, so don’t worry about a repeat performance of last year.

Got a question? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.