Little Theatre Film Fest ’14

sundance_1014We made films in theatre class!

Almost any subject was accepted. Here’s the kicker, though: the video must be geared towards our NSHS community. Film teams needed to consider issues of staff, students, teachers, admin, coaches, custodians, particular departments, clubs, or teams.

The film must address a problem or a question here at NSHS AND offer solutions.  

Many students shot and edited their films using their smartphones. Our project info is here. The movie rubric is here.

Period 1 Films

  • From Ma’am to Glam
    • We made this film to help people have a happy and memorable prom night.
  • A’s on My Feet
    • The idea behind this film was to help students study for a test.
  • Freshy Help
    • Our film is about giving tips for freshmen. We made this film because to many freshmen are in need of help and good advice.
  • You Can’t Sit with Us
    • The idea behind this film is “why do people hang out where they do at lunch?”We did a lot of research and interviewed many people and found out that people either want to be seen or see everything without being seen. The conclusion we came to is that it really isn’t about where you sit but where you feel most comfortable.
  • Yes or No?
    • How to get a prom date
  • How to Get Buckets
    • Our film is about how to shoot a basketball. We made this film because we love basketball and want to get people to become better shooters.

Period 2 Films

  • Are You Cheering Correctly or NAW?
    • Our film is about how to cheer the right way at a sporting event. We made this film because at our basketball games the crowd was getting a little overboard at one point in the game.
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Basketball Tryouts
    • Our film is about how not to tryout for a basketball team. We made this film because we know a lot about basketball.
  • Are You in the Friend Zone?
    • The idea behind our film is to let guys know that it is possible to get out of the friendzone. We also offer helpful tips on how to get the girl.
  • Hoarders: Locker Edition
  • Cheerleading: Break a Leg
    • Our film is how not to tryout for cheer. We made this film to help students who want to tryout know the do’s and don’ts. We also provide helpful tips to make your tryout even more successful.
  • Saved by the Bell
    • Our video is about arriving to school on time and avoiding being late to school.We will teach you how!
  • The No-No’s to Prom Proposal
    • Our film is about ways that you shouldn’t ask a girl to prom. We made this film because we thought it was fun and relatable to others.
  • Decisions, Decisions
    • This film is about two incoming freshmen trying to figure out what foreign language class to take. After going to North High and listening to the students’ opinions and experiences, they make their final decision.

Period 3 Films

  • Leave Me Alone
    • Our film is about how to properly handle bullying at school.
  • Nah!
    • Our film is about what not to do when asking someone to prom.
  • Auditioning for Dummies
    • Our film is about a guy trying to audition for a school play. We made this film for the students who want some insight of how to audition.
  • Take it Off
    • Our film is about the North High dress code. We made this film because many students don’t follow it. This school project is made for students to not get in trouble.
  • Freshmen Survival Guide
    • Our film is all about preparing freshmen for their first day of high school, which is a day several underclassmen dread.
  • Hall Pass

Period 5 Films

  • #Recovery
    • We made this film because we have experienced some of this problems at school and wanted to show freshman how you can recover from them. The idea behind the way we created our scenes was that we wanted to use humor in the project.
  • The Big Question
    • Our film is about asking a girl to prom properly. We made this film because we thought it would be helpful to guys everywhere if they knew how to ask a girl properly to prom.
  • Trapped in the Hallways
  • I Can’t Hear You
  • Don’t Freeze Because of the Breeze
    • Our film is about how to stay warm at games. We made this film because sometimes girls dress to impress rather than stay warm.
  • Get Your Sass to Class
    • Our video is about getting to class on time. We wanted to stress how important it is to be on time to class.

Period 6 Films

  • High School: Will You Survive?
    • We made this film because we wanted to help in coming freshmen on how to get through 4 years of high school life. Our film is about two freshmen not knowing how to survive high school so they ask two seniors to help them along the way.
  • Killed by the Bell
    • Our film is about the reasons, cosenquences, and solutions you can get from being late to class.
  • Konnichi-What??
    • Our film is about why you should choose to learn Japanese in high school. The context of the film is a guy trying to learn Japanese in order to talk to the new foreign exchange student from Japan.
  • How to Dress for Success to Get the Yes
  • Don’t Be a Cady Heron
    • Our film is about tips for freshmen in high school. We made this film because we wanted to share our high school experience with everyone.
  • Senioritis

Talk to us!

Which films made a lasting impression with you? Why? Tell us your favorite[s] with two reasons and provide a link.

5 replies

  1. Loved how the shot of my film really captured everything that i wanted. I also really enjoyed filming it!

  2. The film that made the biggest impression on me was Hall Pass. I thought it was funny and it shows that high school theatre is fun with their use of comedy.

  3. I look forward to doing this!

  4. The film that made the biggest impression on me was “Get Your Sass To Class” because this video was actually helpful. I would definitely tell incoming freshmen to watch this and also some of my friends who are always late. It has easy steps and is also fun to watch.

  5. I think the film that made the biggest impression on me was “Hall Pass” from 3rd period. In the video, the group explained how to walk in the halls properly but they did it in a funny way that relates to high school students. I also like that it was relatable and stayed on topic

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