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Rules Poster BreakdownIf you are part of our North Salinas High School community of 

  • Potential students who want to know what happens in class
  • Current beginning or advanced students who want to pass the class with an “A” level mastery in theatre
  • Thespians who are involved in our after-school programs
  • Parents who want to know how to make sure their child passes the class
  • Parents who want to know what is expected of their child who is involved in our after-school play

You have come to the right spot!

Checking out this site will help students and parents troubleshoot expectations of being involved in both our after school and in-class projects. 

Students can determine

Parents can learn

  • What happens now that my kid is in the show…
  • What if my kid is not passing the class…
  • How rigorous is this theatre class.

Actors can hone their theatre skills of

Got some questions about taking class?  Contact us below: